Transition seamlessly to a remote working environment

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Flexible working has become an increasingly critical requirement for many businesses and organisations in today’s world.

Many employers are giving up their office space and getting their people to work from home. If your employees are already working remotely, you will need to ensure your systems are suitably adapted to securely accommodate this. That means finding the work-life balance your team needs, as well as providing them with the IT support they need to do their job effectively.

We provide hands-on support to ensure your colleagues can carry out their work remotely in an effective, efficient, and secure manner. Utilising collaboration software such as MS Teams and VoIP phones systems, we can manage all aspects to enable remote working, from transition to laptops to migration of data to the cloud.

How can we help?

How we help you make the transition to remote working

It isn’t always as easy as you might think to make a straight transition to working remotely. There are many day to day tasks and operations that we might take for granted in an office environment, so it’s essential to  ensure employees have appropriate accessibility to your systems when doing remote work. We can help you achieve the following to deliver secure remote working capabilities across your business:

We help businesses transition from their current systems to a remote working setup designed to best help their current operations. This will make use of a variety of our other services and will allow you to build a collection of programs that best fit the needs of your business.

Cloud migration is going to be a vital part of this system. No business is going to be able to continue to meet its targets and operational needs when working remotely without it. The cloud allows for the easy transfer and storage of sensitive data and documents. Our cloud migration will help to ensure that any data from your servers is uploaded to a secure space for your employees to access.

Many businesses already use an office suite within their company. Switching to Office 365, or changing your current setup allows for easy collaboration amongst your team – no matter how far apart they might be situated. We can help set up programs like Outlook and OneDrive to best boost this connectivity with remote colleagues.

Great IT Support helps keep all businesses move forward, but it can be difficult to manage outside of  a single office where all your employees are together. Our 24/7 monitoring means that we are a message away if any of your workers encounters an issue. Remote working can come with a range of issues, but we are ready and waiting to help our customers make this transition seamlessly and support  them in overcoming any issues that can  arise as they begin to work in this new environment.


Communication is critical in all businesses, and the right service will make it easier for your co-workers to do this effectively at all times. VoIP is a cloud-based telecoms service that can provide voice, video, or even internet messaging. Add in its Microsoft 365 pairing, and we can unify all of your communications under one system, so your team can communicate effectively regardless of where they are working. .


Not every task has to be a grand ongoing project. If you need help transitioning to a remote working environment but want the single ad-hoc service, we can provide that. We will be able to help you complete the transition and offer advice for the future. If you want more help after your move to working from home with another project, Texaport offers in depth consultancy services to its clients to help them on a broad range of IT matters.

If you are preparing to transition your employees to a remote working environment, contact Texaport today. We can help you make this change as smoothly and as efficiently as possible.

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We focus on five key IT service areas to support our clients’ business needs:

IT Support

We provide proactive monitoring, maintenance and IT support services for your organisation's entire IT system, saving you time, money and headaches.


We are a highly accredited managed service provider able to support all your IT security requirements. Find out how we can help your business.

Cloud Services

We are cloud specialists. Our cloud services can significantly reduce the cost of managing and maintaining your IT systems whilst ensuring business continuity.


Getting your people connected is another of our key IT service offerings. We can put in place all your required connectivity requirements.

IT Consultancy

World-class IT guidance for the big decisions. From one-off consultancy to full-scale project design, management and delivery, we’re there whenever you need us.