Cyber security training

Cyber security training that sticks, thanks to gamification and bitesize learning modules.

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Cyber security training for today’s workforce

Mandatory cyber security training is often packaged into a single module with an exam at the end that’s taken once a year. Employees will often retain enough information to pass, and quickly forget crucial information. You’re only as strong as your weakest link, and gaps in training can leave your business more susceptible to cybercrime. With our interactive, bitesize cyber security training we help you protect your business with regular, enjoyable, and memorable staff tuition.


Engage your employees

Share short, helpful videos, tasks, or games that cover the basics of cyber security. Give employees freedom to work at their own pace to support their learning.

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Build a security-first culture

Encourage your employees to stay aware of cyber security with always-on training that embeds its importance into your culture.

Strengthen your Cyber Security

Easy to manage

Our accredited professionals will manage the training for you. We’ll build you a campaign of courses tailored to your industry, knowledge level, weaknesses, and preferences.

Online learning

Use an intuitive, online platform to access your cyber security training. Join more than 35,000 customers expanding their knowledge.

Live testing

Test your employees in real-world scenarios with random, simulated phishing attacks. This helps you to monitor how the training is working and spot risks in a safe environment.

Progress tracking

Instantly spot topic areas to focus on with a dashboard of results with informative stats and graphs.

Risk scoring

Spot risks at company, business unit, and user levels to make updates to your cyber security training plan.

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Increase awareness

Cyber security training minimises data breach risks and ensures regulatory compliance, while empowering employees to handle evolving cyber threats. This not only saves costs by preventing attacks but also strengthens the company's reputation and fosters a culture of security awareness.


Reduction in phishing susceptibility


Reduction in cyber threats


Increase in employee empowerment

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Power your progress

Join forces with us to build a stronger IT infrastructure, protect your data, and focus on your future.