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IT Services


The client

For over 40 years Maptek have been driving technological innovation in the mining industry. They offer an extensive range of software, hardware, and service-based solutions suited to every stage in the mining process.


From exploration to operations, Maptek are committed to optimising workflows, increasing productivity, and improving user experience for their customers worldwide. And as well as operating on the forefront of technological development, they also deliver industry-leading customer service, putting their clients’ needs at the heart of their business.


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The challenge

When Maptek’s General Manager, James Moncrieff, got in touch with Texaport, his team of 15 staff members were all working out of the same office and relying on one ageing server, which was performing poorly and becoming unreliable. For a company leading their industry in cloud computing, optimisation algorithms and machine learning, the legacy hardware posed both operational and reputational risks. They needed a managed IT service provider to replace it, and safely migrate the valuable company data stored on it to a server with a modern operating system.


A persistent problem for Maptek was finding a managed IT service provider who was experienced and capable enough to reflect their own standards. With a highly technical in-house team who provide excellent software solutions to their customers, they needed a skilled and specialist IT partner of their own. In the past they had settled for providers who had taken a one-size-fits-all approach without delivering the quality service Maptek themselves take pride in.

The solution

All the work Texaport undertake is underpinned by the guiding principles of our ITIL, which enables us to deliver the highest quality of service. Among these standards are holistic and practical thinking, which we applied to successfully carry out a complete server migration for Maptek. This involved preparing and installing a new server and then copying all files across, before securely wiping and retiring the old server. We now proactively monitor their high performance server remotely, and we have automated regular backups of company data.


As part of our licence management service, we renewed Maptek’s Microsoft 365 and reviewed the licence to ensure that they were getting the most out of their subscription. This is in line with our focus on value, and our approach of starting where our clients are, both values laid out in our ITIL. Maptek had been dissatisfied with their previous Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system and were considering alternatives. With our IT consultancy, they were able to move away from the VoIP phone and start using Microsoft Teams Voice instead. This is a cloud-based phone add-on available through the Microsoft suite and was already included within their existing licence.


Texaport now manage and maintain Maptek’s company network and provide on-demand IT support to their staff with any issues that arise. We have updated and formalised their password and data handling policies, as well as drawing up a disaster recovery plan to insure their data and that of their clients. We remotely monitor Maptek’s devices and infrastructure, maintaining scheduled security updates across software and operating systems, to eliminate vulnerabilities that might otherwise be exploited by cyber criminals. In this area, we maintain the high standard of our ITIL by working collaboratively with Maptek and by automating their Cyber security processes.

"Texaport has transformed our IT infrastructure. Their expert support and proactive approach not only enhanced our operational efficiency but bolstered the safety of our data"

James Moncrieff General Manager, Maptek

The results

Maptek have been impressed by the augmented IT support Texaport have provided. They feel that they have finally found a managed service provider who can appropriately bolster their talented in-house team of technology professionals.


They went from having no in-house IT support whatsoever, to being confident in the performance and security of their IT operating environment. Thanks to the highly responsive in-person support that Texaport offer, Maptek’s team of developers now know that their day-to-day IT needs will be met swiftly and comprehensively.


Texaport’s ethos is well aligned with Maptek’s. Both organisations value holistic thinking, collaborative working, process optimisation and appropriate automation. Maptek are pleased to have finally found a company they can trust as their IT partner, who gives them peace of mind that their IT Solutions will keep running seamlessly.

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