Vulnerability assessment

Take the guesswork out of cyber security risk and identify where you’re vulnerable.

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Identify and remediate security vulnerabilities before they're exploited

Gain visibility into the state of your IT infrastructure with our vulnerability assessment services.


Uncover potential weaknesses

Conduct a comprehensive search for flaws, from outdated software to weak security policies.

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Reduce your risk exposure

Mitigate discovered vulnerabilities to protect your critical assets and strengthen your defences.

Strengthen your Cyber Security

Optimise your investment

Allocate resources to your top priorities with insight from detailed, tailored reports.

Trusted expertise

Comply with regulations; get guidance on security-first strategies with an established managed service provider.

Transparent communication

Follow every step of the security vulnerability assessment and track your return on investment.

Visible, measurable progress

Review a thorough report of your assets, discovered vulnerabilities, associated risks, and the actions taken to address them.

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Vulnerability assessment process

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Identify important assets

Inventory what's on your network and decide what's in scope for the assessment.

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Detect potential flaws

Scan your in-scope assets, checking against databases of publicly disclosed vulnerabilities.

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Assess impact and exploitability

Prioritise discovered flaws based on factors including potential damage and likelihood.

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Remediate the vulnerabilities

Patch critical weaknesses as soon as possible; define strategies to resolve the rest.

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Report findings and actions

Document your assets, detected vulnerabilities, and decisions for future planning.

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Schedule your next assessment

Maintain system defences and track your progress with regular checkpoints.

Vulnerability management: stay up to date with routine assessments

In a dynamic cyber environment, bring us on to reduce preventable risk factors (and meet regulatory compliance) when you lack the time and knowledge to do so.


of data breach victims said a known patch for a relevant vulnerability wasn’t applied


of organisations cite lack of resources to keep up with the volume of patches


of organisations find it difficult to prioritise what needs to be patched

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