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Fast, reliable and secure business internet

Slow and unreliable broadband is annoying enough when it comes to personal use, but for businesses and organisations this can be disastrous.

Texaport understands the importance of dependable, speedy and secure broadband. We will not only find the right solution for your business but also provide a high level of hands on support in the event of the Internet going down. Through our Business Broadband services, we will deliver efficiencies across your operations, ensure your data is secure, and save you money by minimising the risk of costly downtime.

Don't hold back your business with slow internet

Whether your business or organisation is operating across the world or just within your local area, fast and efficient broadband is an essential requirement for your internal and external communications. Texaport understands the importance of broadband in today’s fast-moving economy and we’ll find you the right package which is reliable and specifically scaled to your needs.

There are many key factors to consider with Business Broadband. Speak to Texaport about what type of package would be best to support your needs and keep your business fully connected.

Symmetric Connection

Symmetric Connections offer equal transfer rates for your download and upload, this prevents bottlenecking when using cloud services

Always Up

We provide fully monitored and robust internet connections meaning your team has the maximum up time and potential to work

24-7/365 Monitoring

Our notification system let's us know within 1 minute if your internet connection goes down so that we're fixing it before you even ask

Talk to Texaport

No overseas call centers, we're based in the UK so you can talk to qualified engineers instantly with no long wait times

Up to 100Gb/s connections available

We provide your connection directly through us. No middle manning through other companies, making your costs unbeatable on price

DDOS Protection

A powerful system of distribution means that the possibility of denial of service attacks are minimised and actively combated to creating a more robust network

Web Filtering

Making sure that the content allowed into your IT environment is dynamically checked and verified, removing the need for employee's take a best guess approach

Static IP addressing

We offer static IP addresses for all customers, allowing them greater integration with LOB software, servers, and file sharing

Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme

SMEs can Claim up to £2,500 off the cost of a pure fibre connection with Texaport

The Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme is part of the Local Full Fibre Networks programme, which has the strategic objective of increasing full fibre coverage across the UK.


The first wave of the programme was launched in  late 2017, designed to test its approach to market stimulation. £10m was allocated to the launch of five pilot projects across the country, including £2m on a market test for the voucher scheme. The national launch of the scheme has been designed to build on the lessons learned from  the initial market test.

The UK now has 95% coverage for superfast broadband with speeds of 24 megabits per second or higher. However, most superfast connections still depend on copper telephone wires, which are limited in the speeds they can support. For the fastest and most reliable broadband, capable of delivering gigabit speeds, a full fibre connection is required.


One gigabit is the same as 1,000 megabits – so it’s a big leap forward in connection speeds that could benefit you and your business into the future. Full fibre also supports symmetrical connections – meaning your upload and download speeds can be the same.

What kind of connection?

The new connection must be a significant improvement on the current connection and: Offer a minimum of 100Mbs Up to 1Gbs At least double the current connection speed.

Who is Eligible?

Businesses with: <250 Employees <€50m Annual Turnover <€43m on Balance Sheet Additional Restrictions apply, please see scheme Terms and Conditions

What will the voucher cover?

The Voucher is only applicable on specific packages, Gateway (Router) hardware of up to £250 Installation costs Monthly Connection costs Construction Charges (if applicable)

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Managed IT Services

We focus on five key IT service areas to support our clients’ business needs:

IT Support

We provide proactive monitoring, maintenance and IT support services for your organisation's entire IT system, saving you time, money and headaches.


We are a highly accredited managed service provider able to support all your IT security requirements. Find out how we can help your business.

Cloud Services

We are cloud specialists. Our cloud services can significantly reduce the cost of managing and maintaining your IT systems whilst ensuring business continuity.


Getting your people connected is another of our key IT service offerings. We can put in place all your required connectivity requirements.

IT Consultancy

World-class IT guidance for the big decisions. From one-off consultancy to full-scale project design, management and delivery, we’re there whenever you need us.