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Key overview




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The client

Established in 2012 on the banks of the Eden Estuary, Eden Mill St Andrews became the first distillery to make spirits in the area in over 150 years. Producing award-winning premium gins and luxury single malt whiskies, Eden Mill will open the doors to their brand-new distillery and visitor centre experience in Summer 2024.


With sustainability at its heart, power and heat for the gin still will be supplied by the University’s solar array farm and the distillery will also have the infrastructure to capture the carbon dioxide produced during the fermentation process for further use. Eden Mill is looking forward to growing the business even further, particularly within international markets such as the USA.



The challenge

When Eden Mill first got in touch with Texaport, they were managing all their IT in-house. The responsibility was putting a strain on staff who, without any specialist IT training, were reaching the limits of their capabilities, as well as being pulled away from their vital primary roles.


Eden Mill also flagged with us that they had concerns about the scope of their existing cyber security stance. Having never benefited from a dedicated IT resource before, they had no oversight of their current security posture - or its shortfalls. They also had worries about inconsistencies in the operating systems of their company devices.


It was clear that Eden Mill were in need of IT management from a reliable external partner with specialist knowledge, who could support with software, provide company hardware, and ensure that their infrastructure was secure and in line with industry best practices.

The solution

We began by responding to Eden Mill’s primary concerns by carrying out a comprehensive cyber security audit. It quickly became apparent that there was minimal cyber security provision for Eden Mill’s devices and business data - with no protection at all in some key areas.


Following this discovery, we designed a robust and comprehensive security package to remediate the problems we had identified, and to proactively guard against future issues. In the interests of safeguarding essential business operations, we made arrangements to get it in place as a matter of urgency.


Our package included a premiere antivirus solution to provide multifaceted defences from malware. This best-in-class protection software proactively monitors all of Eden Mill’s devices to detect and eliminate 100% of incoming threats.


We also put protection in place to cover Eden Mill’s Microsoft 365 Suite. This works by proactively scanning SharePoint, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams for threats to the online environment. We configured the system so that all company data is backed up three times a day, meaning that Eden Mill can recover any lost information quickly, easily, and without stress.


We implemented a leading cloud-based email filtering solution, which blocks malicious emails before they are delivered, as well as guarding against spam, malware, and phishing attempts. To complement this, we gave anti-phishing training to all Eden Mill’s staff, equipping them with the skills to recognise the signs of phishing, and respond to attacks with confidence.


Eden mill barrel

The results

Our wide-reaching cyber security solution has given Eden Mill the assurance they previously lacked that their systems and data are safe. Texaport now provides ongoing IT management and software support to Eden Mill, keeping Microsoft 365 compliant and optimised, as well as remotely monitoring their online environment to resolve issues as they arise.


We are grateful to have received positive feedback from staff at Eden Mill who have particularly praised our approachable attitude, quick response times, and efficient support with queries. They were impressed to have experienced no downtime at all in IT access across the implementation.


A year into our relationship with Eden Mill, they purchased an impressive new premises on the banks of the Eden Estuary, in the very location where whisky was first distilled there in 1655. Secure in the knowledge that their IT and cyber security are being taken care of by Texaport, Eden Mill are free to do what they do best: honour their distilling heritage by crafting exquisite and inventive drinks.

"Texaport delivers quick and effective solutions with clear communication to Eden Mill. Their excellent responses to IT Support queries combined with their very approachable staff has made working with Texaport a great experience"

William Bremner Head of Finance, Eden Mill

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