Outsourced IT Support

Technical outsourced IT support is provided by our engineering team in accordance with the details of the agreement with our
engineering team working with you as required to ensure maximum uptime for your IT equipment with minimal disruption.

Managed IT Support

Texaport works within service-based agreements consisting of an agreed scope to meet client needs at an affordable monthly cost.

With an extensive track record of devising and developing technical solutions for businesses, Texaport provides not only the technical knowledge and aptitude to build scalable and robust solutions but also has the business acumen to communicate and understand your business requirements.

We utilise best-in-class IT technology and professionals to audit your current systems, infrastructure and software. This information forms the basis of the initial agreement of support. Our Client Liaison will then work with your key decision makers to devise a long-term roadmap for our businesses.

Technical support is provided by our engineering team in accordance with the details of the agreement with our engineering team working with you as required to ensure maximum uptime for your IT equipment with minimal disruption.

Your Client Liaison is in touch regularly with the internal key decision makers, as the de facto “IT Manager”, to ensure our engineering team are meeting your expectations and to arrange formal review meetings and development planning. Through this we ensure that Texaport and clients are always aligned with expectations and objectives.

Edinburgh IT Helpdesk

Our IT Helpdesk engineers are available to call throughout the week for our clients with 90% of issues resolved with one phone call. Knowing that your IT partner has your back at the end of a phone call gives peace of mind to users and business owners we work with.

Any issues unable to be resolved on the call will be ticketed and an engineer will respond within our standard SLA timelines.

Server Support from Texaport

Servers are specialised computers, dedicated and designed to process multiple simultaneous requests and deliver data to networked computers or over the internet. The beating heart of businesses, Servers spend over 99% of their lifespans powered on and active. Relied on for a number of functions including file storage, user management and application hosting, these are the most important devices within the business.

Texaport supports servers as part of our managed service agreements and ad-hoc for clients outside of agreements on an hourly billing basis. With servers being active 24/7, it’s imperative that they are available as and when required by the users.

Supporting these devices for Texaport means supporting the users, software and devices networked to these devices. Ensuring that the software operates effectively is as important as the device powering on and the services being available.

Texaport’s in-house engineers work to support the Operating Systems (Windows, Linux and MacOS), Software (Mail, CRM, Line of Business etc.), firmware and peripherals (Backups, Printers etc.) of these devices on a daily basis.

Many businesses have been moving to “cloud hosted” or “offsite” server solutions for their business, with physical on-site servers being looked at by small businesses as unnecessary for their needs. This is a common fallacy as on-site servers can help more effectively manage users, accounts and data in one central location and end up saving money in the long term compared to most cloud solutions.

Texaport will support on-site and off-site solutions employed by the customer and embraces hybrid solutions, helping clients to benefit from the advantages of both options.

Network Support

It’s almost impossible to go through the average day without the involvement of a network in one form or another. From mobile networks and telephone networks to computer networks, all devices have to communicate with these to share information and access the Internet.

Setting up a network is relatively easy today compared to a decade or so ago, with preconfigured routers, switches and access points able to be setup and installed in a matter of minutes. Your home broadband provider will even deliver a new router and access point combination device to plug in at home for next to no cost. Getting the most out of your network and network devices however can take a lot more effort, knowledge and time.

Texaport work with clients to build, support and protect their business networks from cabling through to internet service provision. For some clients this is as simple as a router and Wireless Access Point for the site, for others there might be a multi-site campus with numerous Virtual Local Area Networks to setup and manage for clients. Each network is unique but with common themes.

Why work with Texaport?

Our support is delivered in a prompt, but structured way – prioritising support issues based on urgency & impact to your users. You can always reach our team quickly by phone, email or web.

Our team aren’t only here for when things go wrong. We proactively monitor & maintain your network to identify issues before they have an impact on your users. Our tools allow us to be the step ahead.

We have years of front-line technical expertise within the small-medium business space. We are the go-to trusted source for IT strategy, planning, consultancy and of course all support needs.

Unlike much of our competition – Texaport’s approach is holistically-focused. We tailor our support and your systems to your business and your users, putting them ahead of the IT.

When you need support – the last thing you need is to be limited by an inflexible structure of block hours. Our support is unlimited – call the friendly team and get the support you need, when you need it.

As your business grows & develops, we will move with you on that journey. Our wide-range of expertise allows us to offer you consultancy & strategy to plan for the future demands of your IT.

We understand that budget is critical to small-medium businesses. That’s why at Texaport we deliver technically & commercially responsible IT management and procurement.

The security of your data is at the heart of our operation. We not only treat our access to your systems with the upmost confidence, but consult around the best security practice for your network.

As your business demands change, so can your IT & our delivery. Texaport are here to guide you and support your demands to ensure your systems remain stable, but flexible.

Ready to make your IT work for you?

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