Protect Your System From Vulnerabilities

For any organisation, cybersecurity should be a primary concern. With our penetration testing service, we can help you to make the right decision when it comes to protecting your organisation’s computer system from attacks and security issues. When you run pen testing with Texaport, we will look for any weaknesses in your system and gain access where we can. This is a controlled test, and it can provide you with precious knowledge. Armed with this knowledge, you can put the right security measures in place and patch up any gaps.

Critical Benefits of Penetration Testing

Any security flaws should be addressed right away if you want to protect your organisation and the data that you hold on your system. Penetration testing has several benefits that make it worth the investment.

How can we help?

Pen Tests Can Reveal Vulnerabilities

The main aim of pen testing is to reveal any vulnerabilities within your system or network infrastructure if it’s a network penetration test. It can be disappointing to find gaps in your security system, but the process of testing and running a simulated attack can prove extremely valuable for many.

Testing Cybersecurity Measures

Penetration testing allows you to test out the cybersecurity measures that you currently have in place. Some measures are better suited to specific organisations and kinds of data than others, and you could be using something that isn’t compatible. When you complete a penetration test, you can figure out what works and what doesn’t right away.

Protecting your business And Improving Your Cyber Security

When you perform a pen test, you can protect your business in the long-run. Learning about any vulnerabilities within your system allows you to be prepared for whatever you may face in the future. Texaport’s expert penetration testers can help you to ensure business continuity.

Reduce Costs

By learning more about your system and how well your cybersecurity measures are working, you can make more informed decisions. Our penetration testing could reveal that an expensive firewall isn’t operating as it should. By optimising such devices, you will save some money and resources.

Experience a seamless experience When checking for security vulnerabilities

When we perform a pen test and a security assessment on your system, we will focus on several things. We begin with planning and setting some goals on the intelligence that we will gather. Then, we will begin scanning to see how the application will respond. After that, we will try to get access using backdoors and SQL injection to identify security weaknesses in your cyber security.


The next goal will involve maintaining access to understand whether it is possible to achieve a persistent presence. We will then analyse our results and present our findings in a report that is easy to understand. At this point, we will also offer suggestions on how you can improve your system security.

Why Choose Texaport For Your Penetration Tests?

At Texaport, we have a lot of experience in running penetration tests and helping businesses like yours to find any vulnerabilities. We can help you secure your system and reduce the risk of unwanted visitors from gaining access to your files. If you are interested in performing a penetration test, get in touch with Texaport today. A member of our team can help get you started in no time at all.

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