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Tap Into our digital transformation experience with our project management and IT consultancy services, Assisting you to develop your business.

IT consultancy for project delivery

Our holistic approach in managing clients’ IT requirements coupled with our IT consulting can be effectively applied to support you on key strategic business projects. Whether you’re implementing organisational change or seeking to expand into global markets, Texaport has a wealth of consultancy experience where we apply IT solutions that are fully aligned to support your wider business growth and development plans.

While there are aspects of IT management that benefit from the nurturing of a long-term relationship, there are many others that require a short-term fix. As a result, we offer our services on an ad-hoc basis to any client for a short-term project or IT consultancy.

There are occasions where it’s more beneficial for your business to choose an ad-hoc project rather than a managed service. Outlined below are scenarios where we can provide you with an effective short-term solution through our project management and consulting services.

How can we help?

IT consulting for Migration Projects

Moving from one system to another is always challenging to manage, and you need to make sure that you can do so with minimal issues. Work with us, and we can ensure that all of your documents and data can complete the migration across to the Cloud quickly and securely.

IT consultancy for Time-Sensitive Projects

While open-ended projects can be approached on a less rigid basis with  details carefully iron out as you progress,  a project with a tight deadline comes with a built-in endpoint. In these cases Texaport can help by advising  you until the end of the project to help ensure a successful outcome. If you need further  projects and consultancy support, we are then happy to dip in and provide this as and when required.

IT consultancy for Emergencies

As careful as you might be  with your systems, there are times when disaster can strike and leave you dealing with an IT emergency. In such a scenario, quick and decisive action must be taken to attempt to mitigate some of the damage that could be caused in these circumstances.  Our 24/7 monitoring means that we are always standing by to provide essential emergency support the moment you need it. We can deliver this backup through our IT management services or provide you with emergency project management support to get you through the issue.

IT consulting for Disaster Recovery

We can help to clean up your IT systems after a disaster and leave you in a much better position tpo prevent it from happening again. Responding to an  emergency and bringing a disaster to a halt is unfortunately not the end of it. We also need to factor in the potential for further work required to set things right again. Data recovery can take  time and there might also be the need to set up certain protections and protocols to prevent the same incident from occurring  again.  


When it comes to IT project management, no job is too big or  too small. Get in touch with Texaport today, and we can provide more information about our project management and consultancy services. Whether you’re looking for a long-term partnership with us or simply some advice for a small ad-hoc task, we can help your business.

Enjoy A Happier Workforce

We all know that if there are IT issues, it can have a negative effect on our day. There’s nothing more frustrating than not having access to the internet or being able to communicate with other employees or clients using appropriate channels. Using Cloud computing services could improve the overall mood of your employees and productivity at the same time.

IT Support

Everything from unlimited IT help desk to long term IT strategy planning for your business

IT Consultancy

Tap Into our strategic experience with our project management and IT Consulting services

Cyber Security

Implementing best in class cyber security practices to secure your business from within

Cloud Services

Utilising secure cloud technologies to reduce costs and enhance your remote working capabilities

Managed Services

Outsource your Managed IT Services, improve your operations and reduce downtime and overheads with Texaport's managed IT


Providing the lifelines between your communication technologies with structured cabling design, installation and servicing

Cybersecurity Training

Secure your business from within. Enabling you to create a security-focused culture with automated training within your business

Connectivity Solutions

Keep your team connected with Texaport's suite of business grade connectivity and information communication solutions

Key Services

We focus on five key service areas to support our clients’ business needs:

IT Support

We provide proactive monitoring, maintenance and IT support services for your organisation's entire IT system, saving you time, money and headaches.


We are a highly accredited service provider able to support all your IT security requirements. Find out how we can help your business.

Cloud Services

We are cloud specialists. Our cloud services can significantly reduce the cost of managing and maintaining your IT systems whilst ensuring business continuity.


Getting your people connected is another of our key service offerings. We can put in place all your required connectivity requirements.

IT Consultancy

World-class IT guidance for the big decisions. From one-off advice to full-scale project design, management and delivery, we’re there whenever you need us.