What is Cyber Security?

Cybersecurity or IT Security is critical for almost all businesses and organisations. Cybercrime, IT, and computer security breaches are on the rise. Along with the legal implications they can present, these breaches seriously threaten your operations and financial viability. 


Texaport is fully accredited to deliver key UK Government-backed cybersecurity standards to our Edinburgh clients. We also provide a wide range of IT security services across all aspects of your IT system, and we can deliver in-house training for your people. This will guard your Edinburgh business or organisation against the most common threats and demonstrate your commitment to data protection.

Cyber Security Training

Secure your business from within by training your most important business assets.

Cyber Security
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Everything your organisation needs to protect it from cybersecurity threats

Cyber Essentials Accreditation

Reassure your customers you’ve secured your IT against cyber threats

Our holistic approach to IT security

Texaport takes a holistic approach to the vital matter of cybersecurity. While there are plenty of security measures and IT security best practices available to keep your sensitive information safe, adopting a multi-layered approach is always recommended. This means that if and when attacks or potential weaknesses occur, there are layers in place while these threats are dealt with, ensuring your sensitive data is kept safe. Some of the layers Texaport focuses on and specialises in as part of its cybersecurity support is listed below.

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Mobile Device Management

Track and secure your mobile devices and data

User Information

Identify and protect the organisations PPI and gain GDPR certification

Server Infrastructure Support

Protect your key IT hardware assets

Network Devices

Unrivalled network security and management

Computer Security

Proactive security consultation via our IT Support services.

Secure Passwords

Password management software and training

Email Phishing

Email filters and user awareness training

Malicious Website

Potentially harmful websites blocked

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Issues within IT services can cripple a business. Working with Texaport means business can return to normal as quickly as possible. We can support your IT services and manage the burden on your behalf, including promptly responding to any IT-related issues that may arise.

Another key aspect that we can manage and is ever more critical in an age where companies are increasingly handling sensitive information is data security and computer security.

Keeping a close eye on any potential threat to your data and information security should be prioritised from the start. Not only is your data at risk, but it can have far-reaching consequences if you aren’t on top of your IT and computer security. This is why Texaport has secure systems and security solutions in place with rigorous health checks to ensure your information is kept safe from harm and your business is protected. We are fully accredited to deliver essential UK Government-backed cybersecurity standards, committed to working to the highest level possible to keep our Edinburgh clients’ IT systems and personal data safe from any potential threats.

Continuous Monitoring

Monitoring IT infrastructure for cyber threats and detecting computer security vulnerabilities is crucial to cyber risk management.

Secure Data Storage

Ensure your data is stored securely with encryption, protecting sensitive data from security threats in transit and at rest.

Managed Anti Malware

Prevents, detects and responds to all cyber security threats that might affect your organization’s information technology assets.

Our commitment to IT Security

Not only is it your responsibility as a business owner to keep customer and supplier details safe and prevent unauthorised access, but it is also a legal requirement. GDPR came into effect in 2018, making it impossible to avoid responsibility. This new law means that everybody that handles data is responsible for the safety of that information.

Partnering with a fully accredited cyber, IT, and computer security service provider in Edinburgh like Texaport ensures any cyber threats are dealt with quickly and shows your clients that you take a serious approach to data protection.  

A business that takes care of security not only demonstrates its high standards in customer care but also shows itself to be trustworthy and reliable.

We care about IT Security

Texaport is continually reviewing and refreshing our cybersecurity and computer security knowledge – you would be hard-pressed to find a more caring and productive team. There are always challenges in any business, but cybersecurity is an essential issue that, when mishandled, can lead to legal challenges, fines, downtime, and negative PR for your business.

If your business needs to look at its IT computer security and you want quick results from an experienced cybersecurity team, then contact us to arrange a call with a specialist.

Cybersecurity FAQ

Cyber security or IT security is the protection of systems, networks, programs, devices and data using technologies and controls that are directly implemented to combat cyber attacks.

Anitmalware software is a program specifically designed in the detection, prevention and removal of malicious software. Antimalware can be installed on an individual computing device, server or dedicated network appliance. It operates in three main ways, signature and behaviour based detection and ‘sandboxing’. For full protection you want to implement all three of these methods. 

IT Security monitoring is the collection and analysis of information on your network, designed to track behaviour or unauthorised changes on your network. It defines what actions trigger alerts and what subsequent measures will be taken.

Vulnerability takes an inventory of the network. Devices, virtual machines, containers, firewalls, switches and printers etc are al logged. For each of these devices further information about them including operating system, software installed and any other relevant attributes is stored. Using this inventory each item is then checked against vulnerability databases to monitor if they are subjectable to an attack. It’s an essential part of a business’ operation that vulnerability scanning is addressed on a regular basis.

An IT security assessment is an umbrella look at the entire organisations IT security eco system. It’s a periodic exercise to look at vulnerabilities and preparedness when it comes to attacks. They can be conducted internally with your IT team or with third-party assessors. 

Email filtering is the process of monitoring inbound and outbound email traffic within an organisation. It includes the tracking and quarantining of emails that can contain content that is spam, inappropriate, virus infested or acting as an imposter. It can be deployed through cloud services or on-premises applications depending on requirements.

Single sign-on or SSO is a method of authentication that allows users to sign in with one set of credentials to multiple applications or websites. It’s an effective way to keep your team secure bu removes the juggling of multiple passwords and accounts.

Dark web scanning is a proactive look at the dark web to find possible places where data breaches have taken place and your personal details, usernames and passwords have been exposed to the internet. This can often occur without your knowledge as non-reputable companies that experience data breaches will avoid sharing this information with the public. Identifying a common password that has appeared in one of these breaches is important as attackers will use it to gain access to other application or webservices that haven’t experienced the same breach in security.

Compliance tracking is a core responsibility of any developing company. It aims to ensure that IT services, processes and systems are pro actively managed in accordance with any government or other organisational bodies guidance. 

Mobile device management (MDM) is the monitoring and securing of any mobile device (including laptops, smartphones and tablets). Any device that accesses business-critical data should be actively managed and monitored so that threats can be reduced and removed. Additionally if an attack takes place MDM allows for the remote lockdown and deletion of the device or sensitive data on stored on it.

Web filtering is a Pro Active blocker that prevents access to malicious URLs and websites and stops browsers before they load the malicious content. It’s an active content control software that operates as a middleman between the user and a website.

Penetration testing can be considered as putting your I security system to the test. Pitting real world scenario attempts at breaching some or all of your security. Implementation of this might resolve around tools/programs as well as social engineering techniques.

A Cyber incident response plan usually consists of 6 distinct sections and it’s aim is to help the IT team and staff recognize and actively start dealing with cyber security incidents. The 6 phases consist of preparation, identification, containment, eradication, recovery, review. 

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We focus on five key IT service areas to support our clients’ business needs:

IT Support

We provide proactive monitoring, maintenance and IT support services for your organisation's entire IT system, saving you time, money and headaches.


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We are cloud specialists. Our cloud services can significantly reduce the cost of managing and maintaining your IT systems whilst ensuring business continuity.


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