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A unique, holistic approach to cyber security.

An Overview of Business Cyber Security for Edinburgh Businesses

Cyber Security is a broad ranging subject which is constantly evolving. Ensuring that clients are protected and secure is a high priority for Texaport.

Working with secure partners, suppliers, services, software, and hardware is essential to mitigate the risk posed by cyber criminals as well as traditional criminal enterprise.

Texaport explores Cyber Security with clients, helping to clarify their position in and the implications of the larger “supply chain” of security.

Cyber Security is a broad ranging subject which is constantly evolving, as the threats which it mitigates evolve. Ensuring that clients are protected and secure is one of the highest priorities for Texaport. Whether it’s IT Security for your data, security for your premises or our own security, we’re always looking to adapt and improve on what we’re doing.

According to Ipsos MORI’s latest Cyber Security survey “over four in ten businesses (43%) and two in ten charities (19%) suffered a cyber breach or attack in the past 12 months” while “Under three in ten businesses (27%, versus 33% in the previous 2017 survey), and two in ten charities (21%) have a formal cyber security policy or policies”.

At Texaport we know that Cyber Security isn’t a ‘tick box’ exercise. To be taken seriously, IT Security and Data Security must be viewed as a journey and not a destination, which requires a multi-layered approach. We refer to our approach as our “Holistic Security” approach.

Texaport implements controls to protect these key areas through training, services, licenses and software packages.

Make sure your devices are secure when accessing company data and services to protect what matters to your business.

Network Security

Protect your business network from intrusion and vulnerabilities. Manage traffic and prevent criminals from compromising your business through your network devices and services.

Malware encompasses a number of attacks and software packages used against millions of users every day. As such, a robust Cyber Security program should have a strong anti-malware agent at the heart of it.

Patch Management

Update your machines, software and services as soon as updates are available. As software ages vulnerabilities are discovered and patched by the developers, ignoring these updates decreases your security.

Disaster Recovery

Texaport assist clients by advising on the most robust solutions and evaluating suppliers for security, their Time to Recovery and their quality so that clients don’t have to.

The average cost of a cyber attack on a business is £1.8 Million 

The average global cost of a cyber crime increased by 27% in 2017

Most malicious domains, about 60 percent, are associated with spam campaigns.

Securing your business begins with our straightforward approach. The basic steps are:






Texaport’s Cyber Security offering has evolved to be a flexible, continuous process for clients. Using a combination of auditing, training, software and hardware, clients are aware of their security posture and actively securing themselves against criminal activity.

Compliance schemes and Security Standards are also supported by Texaport including Cyber Essentials, ISO 27001, IASME and others. These standards help clients demonstrate their commitment to security as part of a larger “Supply Chain” or as a stand alone service provider to clients.

Certify your business to the latest standards to demonstrate your commitment to security and secure practices.


Comply with the standards and reinforce policies and procedures within your team with Texaport’s help.

On going Protection

Protection should be continuous for your business. You don’t work for one day a year, your IT doesn’t work for one day a year, why should your security and compliance?

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