Backup your valuable data to our secure cloud

In today’s world, data is more valuable than oil. Texaport can ensure your precious resource is protected through our Cloud Storage and Cloud Backup services. Your data will be backed up and stored on a secure cloud server where it’s readily available to you in the event of a system failure, power outage or natural disaster.


Our approach revolves around providing total protection in the event of a disaster, anticipated or not, keeping your business running, protecting your data, and eliminating the threat of financial loss.

Benefits of backing up your data to a secure cloud

There are vast benefits of backing up your data to a secure cloud storage service, and ensuring your business is protected. Contact Texaport and we’ll show you how we can help.

How can we help?

Make use of existing infrastructure

The great thing about using an online backup service is that it can typically be seamlessly integrated with your existing technology. This means you don’t need to worry about having to purchase new equipment for all of your staff which can be an extremely expensive outlay – the system we put in place will continue to  back up critical files without you having to incur extensive hardware costs.

It's incredibly reliable

One of the most significant advantages of using cloud technology is that you can access data wherever you are at any time, which is incredibly convenient and allows for more flexibility. This form of backup, which also serves as an effective recovery service, is much more reliable than any other available option.   You can back up several devices, allow file sharing and much more with online backup services. Data can quickly be restored at any location through an internet connection when you use one of the many cloud backup solutions available.

Keeps your data secure when transferring

In the digital age, there is a massive amount of file transferring which can involvecontracts, non-disclosure agreements or some other piece of important information. Through a cloud solution, all of your files are  encrypted before being sent to an offsite data centre which prevents  hackers from being able to penetrate them and gain access your data.  IN the extreme event of a cyberattack wiping out a hard drive or part of your network, a cloud backup solution enables you to quickly recover your data.

Save time and reduce costs

With cloud storage  can save your team a lot of time. Instead of worrying about the backing up of files, your team focus their efforts on their core work priorities and avoid the disruption and  stress  IT issues can generate. Losing important files can also be a costly experience. Getting your data quickly restored through with a cloud storage facility could be priceless to your business or organisation.

Fully Automated

No need for changing tapes, Remove the human error and make sure that your data is always secure

Data stored in accordance with GDPR

Your data is stored within government guidelines to avoid the possibility of data breaches

Real-time notification

Pro-active monitoring means you know that your data is always safe and up to date

Downtime elimination

Avoid almost any downtime due to data loss with instant backups from the day before

Continuous Data Protection

Our data protection policies are constant, pre determined, and well thought out. You are never at risk

Monitored 24/7-365

Cloud backups are permanently monitored with additional built-in backups

Why choose Texaport for your cloud backup?

Keeping your data safe is our priority. Our Cloud Backup Service will give you the peace of mind you need when it comes to storing and transferring your data.


Our fully managed IT services are easy-to-use and can help take the weight off your shoulders  giving you far more time to run your business. If you’d like to hear more about our Cloud Backup Services, then please get in touch  for a free consultation.

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