Top 5 most common Cyber security vulnerabilities in businesses

When running a business, there are many things to be concerned about. Hitting targets, reducing staff turnover, maximising profits, and promoting further growth and success are all key things to be focused on. However, one thing that often inspires fear and distrust is the world of cybercrime.

There are many types of vulnerabilities that businesses can have with poor cyber security systems. We’ve listed some of the most common ones to help raise awareness and promote stronger measures for businesses.


DDoS Attacks

For those that have spent a lot of time online, either playing video games, running a website, or managing servers, distributed denial of service attacks will be familiar. This is essentially where a malicious entity, either an individual or group, will create an automated bot system to overload a server with requests, slowing the flow of data with the aim to bring the system down entirely.

Working with properly managed IT support can help to improve your cyber security and reduce the risk of this happening to your servers. The potential loss of data combined with a non-responsive website for customers can be devastating to your business.


Untrustworthy Insiders

A lot of data breaches that happen within businesses are done by those on the inside, where they either intend to sell that data to competitors or have just done it due to being jaded or disgruntled with their treatment as part of that company.

It’s important to keep your team on your side whenever possible to reduce this risk but to also have strict control over who has access to your systems, as well as what level of access everyone in the company has. We at Texaport believe in providing high-quality cyber security systems and support for all businesses to reduce the chances of these attacks happening.



Another huge risk for businesses is the prevalence of ransomware attacks, in which computers and servers can become encrypted by hackers and literally held to ransom. To unlock them, the hackers will ask for a payment. However, this doesn’t solve the issue in most cases, and you’ll continue to be extorted.

Having a strategy in place is vital in case this happens to your business. And while it’s important to have an idea of how you’ll handle this issue internally.

Phishing Scams

This common scam is simply where you and your employees will be sent a fake email that tries to deceive and manipulate you into either clicking through to a malicious site or downloading malware, or more commonly, supplying sensitive information which can be used against your business in other ways.

There are many services that IT support companies can provide, and finding ways to protect your team against these phishing attempts, as well as training them to spot suspicious messages, is vital.



This is harmful software that infects your systems and can cause a number of different issues. It can steal or destroy data and even cause devices to become unresponsive. There are countless reasons why criminals would attempt to infect a business’ system with malware.

If you’re concerned about cyber security within your business, contact us today for further advice.

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