How implementing Teams Voice can benefit your business

Microsoft 365 offers a large suite of apps which can help your business in many ways. One of the most useful apps available through their service is Microsoft Teams. Teams offer cloud-based phone systems to replace outdated phone systems. This provides users with the ability to make calls to and from landlines to mobile phones through the Microsoft Teams network.

By integrating Microsoft Teams within your business, you can bring a great number of advantages that will not only improve workflow but save your business money; here are the advantages that Microsoft Teams has to offer: 


Clear video and voice quality

Microsoft teams offer one of the best voice qualities when compared to competitors such as Zoom and Slack. Microsoft Teams can battle through choppy sound and frozen videos. It is very likely that at some point, someone has experienced a bad meeting through poor internet connection; although teams is not able to improve your internet, with its implemented AI-based innovations, it can help mitigate issues caused by bad connections by improving video and audio quality decreasing any chance of a bad meeting.

Microsoft Teams does this by using its AI to fill in missing audio caused by bad internet connections in real time. Making your voice clearer in the case of an incident during a meeting can make a huge difference in its outcome. If you want to learn more about the features that Microsoft has to offer offer, find out more here.


Cheaper international call plans through VoIP

Clear Video and Audio is not the only great feature that Microsoft Teams has to offer. The app offers International Call Plans through the help of VoIP. This feature allows your business to easily contact anyone worldwide for low costs when compared to normal phone services through your computer. Microsoft saw the benefit of VoIP services when it purchased Skype in 2011 for £7 Billion. This does not only mean your calls are cheaper, but you will be able to completely remove the need of phones from your business.

As the service is delivered via internet connections, this provides secure HD quality for voice. Through the help of Microsoft Teams allowing you to use VoIP services, you can lower overhead costs, gain increased accessibility through its interface, ease of scalability and much more.

If you wish to integrate Microsoft Teams into your business and gain an all-in-one communication allowing you to communicate with anyone around the world at low costs, find out more here.


Unified communication

Microsoft teams is part of the Microsoft Suite, meaning that it can be easily integrated into any business which uses Microsoft 365 daily. With teams having over 200 million users a day, it should be apparent that this is a strong communication tool to integrate if you already have Microsoft 365.

With this high number of users daily, there must be a reason towards its popularity. Here is a list of the remaining advantages which Microsoft Teams has to offer:

  • High file upload limit of 15GB through chat

  • Third-party app integration

  • Webinars with up to 10,000 participants

  • Two-Factor Authentication for safety

Microsoft Teams is not only a great tool to communicate via voice but also chat with colleagues and share files. Microsoft Teams offers strong chat tools which enables your business to create chat groups and share files with ease. Teams provides file limits up to 15GB making it much easier than emailing or sharing files through the cloud, integrating communication and file sharing under one roof.



As can be seen, Microsoft Teams offers a great number of benefits to businesses, such as the great video and voice quality, cheaper international calls through VoIP, Unified Communications within Microsoft 365 and much more.

With the help of collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, your business can increase efficiency within the workplace, enabling you and your employees to communicate between themselves easily. Microsoft Team’s low entry cost makes it a highly sought-after collaboration tool as, when compared to other tools available they can begin to be too expensive. With the help of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams, your business can greatly improve.

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At Texaport, we understand the importance of these advancements, and we work with our clients to put a reliable system in place to improve their business efficiency. Our team has a wide range of IT knowledge and remains acquainted with the movements in the IT industry. Find out more here.