Bidding on government contracts? Why Cyber Essentials is a requirement

Cyber Essentials is widely recognised as the initial step for businesses to enhance their Cyber security posture. Business leaders have multiple reasons to invest in Cyber Essentials for their organisation's benefit. In some sectors, obtaining Cyber Essentials certification is not just a choice but a compulsory requirement.

Cyber Essentials offers security advantages for your business, protection against prevalent cyber threats, and other appealing benefits. These include reassuring your customers about your proactive stance on cybercrime and eligibility for bidding on government contracts.

Sometimes, businesses must acquire a Cyber Essentials accreditation to bid on specific government contracts. This article explains why this certification is essential and how it can make enterprises more competitive in such bids.

Having Cyber Essentials certification allows your business to distinguish itself. Like job applicants with solid resumes and relevant qualifications, businesses bidding on government contracts are more competitive if they hold this certification. It enhances your chances of being chosen over competitors without the certification.

Certification is crucial for specific contracts. Even if your business isn't directly involved in bidding for government contracts, Cyber Essentials certification may still be necessary for certain services and IT products, especially in government-related contracts. The certification is mandatory in contracts involving:

  • Handling sensitive client information, such as bank details or home addresses.
  • Delivering high-standard IT products or services, including those that manage, store, or transfer data at an official level.
  • Managing sensitive information about government employees, such as payroll or expenses.

Businesses seeking contracts that involve these elements must have achieved Cyber Essentials certification. With it, they can avoid automatic exclusion, ensuring that only technically compliant companies are considered.

Another reason for the necessity of Cyber Essentials in bidding for government contracts is the reduced risk it brings to the public sector. Businesses without Cyber Essentials certification are considered higher risk, making the certification a more favourable choice.

This is particularly relevant given the government backing of the scheme and its significance in numerous public sector supply chains. Texaport can assist your business in meeting these requirements, guiding you through the process and ensuring compliance with the desired standards.

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