Life’s good in the cloud

Scalable migration to enhance your business

Migrating to the cloud gives your business or organisation access to world class technology that can allow even the smallest enterprise to outperform many large, established competitors. As well as offering an extremely cost effective solution, cloud migration also delivers greater flexibility, enhanced collaboration and it provides protection for your data.


Texaport will work closely with you to deliver a cloud migration that is scaled to your business needs to help enhance efficiency, security and competitiveness.

Migrate your business data to the cloud

Any digital assets within your business must be protected at all times. Cloud migration involves migrating on-premises servers and business data to the cloud where they will be kept secure. This approach can include anything from IT resources to data, workloads or even applications.


Texaport ensures that your data is kept secure whether you are moving all or just some of the assets to a cloud service.


When you migrate your business data to the cloud, you can benefit from secure and virtually limitless resources. Get in touch to find out how we can create a seamless cloud migration strategy for your business.

How can we help?

Ease of use

Migrating your resources to the cloud is much easier than you may think. When you entrust Texaport with your cloud migration requirements, we  will ensure everything is moved quickly and securely minimising any disruption to your business in the process.  There won’t be long delays with disruption minimised at all times when you use our tools and services to transfer your workloads to the Cloud.


Cloud migration provides you with the tools that you need to add or access any resources within your organisation. It also creates greater flexibility within your business enabling easy scalability as and when this may be required in the future.  Texaport’s expertise can ensure that your business will secure all the benefits of cloud migration. Get in touch to find out how we can make it happen.


Who wants to pay for resources they never use? With cloud migration can ensure you only pay for what you use which can ultimately save your business or organisation  a lot of money. It also enables you to easily scale up your business in a highly cost effective manner.


Migrating your business data to the cloud also enhances your data security Cloud networks typically offer incredibly secure servers to protect  users and the data. If security is the primary concern for your business or organisation, cloud migration could be the right solution for you.


When you migrate your data to the cloud, you can rely on cutting-edge technology to keep things running. No matter where your team  is based, they should be able to access business data and emails quickly. Cloud migration is both efficient and effective for virtually any business.

Why choose Texaport?

At Texaport, we are cloud specialists who know a thing or two about migration. We can help guide you through the  process so that you get your new system up and running in no time at all. Our services are secure, fast, and cost-effective. If you are thinking about migrating your business data to the cloud,  get in touch with a member of our Cloud Infrastructure team who will be happy to help.

We can solve virtually anything

Key Services

We focus on four key service areas to support our clients’ business needs:

IT Support

We provide proactive monitoring, maintenance and support services for your organisation's entire IT system, saving you time, money and headaches.

Cyber Security

We are a highly accredited service provider able to support all your IT security requirements. Find out how we can help your business.

Cloud Services

We are cloud specialists. Our cloud services can significantly reduce the cost of managing and maintaining your IT systems whilst ensuring business continuity.


Getting your people connected is another of our key service offerings. We can put in place all your required connectivity requirements.