Your complete guide to cloud data backup

How does your business store its most valuable asset?


Data is the lifeblood of all modern companies. Yet 39% of SMBs have no disaster recovery plan in place if it gets destroyed or stolen.


Traditional on-site methods of backing-up data have vulnerabilities like physical damage or theft. Furthermore, suffering data loss due to a cyber or ransomware attack is becoming increasingly common. Online and cloud backup services can help to prevent information loss or restore data after a fault. That’s why 93% of small businesses now back-up their data to the Cloud.


This simple guide explains the benefits of Cloud data backup and how it works.


Read on to understand the importance of having an off-site cloud backup solution. And discover the best Cloud data backup services that will keep your information safe.


Importance of Data Backup

What if your systems went down due to a ransomware attack or data corruption?


A wise business owner who opted for a back-up solution would simply restore the data and information from their back-up files. But for those who hadn’t utilised a cloud back-up service, the consequences could be dire.


Back-up is the answer to the worst ‘what if’ scenario.


What Is Cloud Data Backup?


The Cloud is another term for the Internet. Therefore storing your data and backups on the Cloud means uploading them online.


Files and folders are either added manually or through a script that automates the process. This usually takes place at night when the systems remain idle. The main requirement is a high-speed Internet connection, like Fibre.


Backups to the Cloud are kept secure in transit.


That means they’re encrypted and sent via a secure connection. They’re also stored on a secure Cloud server and access is restricted to authorized personnel.


Benefits of Backup Data to Cloud Storage


If your current back-up plan is solely based on saving to a local drive or USB flash drive then consider this.


On-site back-ups fall victim to natural disasters. Disgruntled ex-employees may take copies with them when they leave. And data cannot be accessed remotely.


Cloud data backup bypasses these limitations.


The system’s designed to handle uploading back-up files and restoring data when required. It’s fast and available 24/7. And certified providers offer better security than any on-site solution.


Backup Data to Cloud Costs


One major benefit of Cloud computing is the elastic pricing model and scalability.


Because of their huge infrastructure, Cloud providers offer economies of scale. That results in hosting your back-ups online for a lower cost compared to other methods.


Storage is scalable too.


No matter what size of files you save the Cloud will never run out of space to store it. And you can upload as much information as you need to.


Cloud Data Backup Services With Texaport


Cloud data backup takes the burden of holding copies of your data on your business premises.


You no longer need to worry about fire or flooding, theft or accidental deletion. Your company’s information gets automatically saved to the Cloud. Then you can access it as required from any Internet-enabled device.


The question is, who can you trust to manage such an essential task?


Texaport has delivered fully-managed IT services to our customers across Scotland since 2012.


We offer data backup cloud solutions and hybrid options to ensure your data’s kept safe and secure. Our engineers will help plan the right strategy for your unique needs.


Contact us to discuss your requirements. Then trust Texaport to handle your most valuable asset.


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