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Texaport help London film school deliver the bigger picture

The London Film Academy (LFA) was set up in 2001 and has now become internationally recognised as an innovative school that offers more than just an education in film. The Academy produces world-class filmmakers while adopting a hands-on approach through its ethos of creating a collaborative, friendly and inclusive learning environment.


Operating as a not-for-profit trust, the LFA’s goal is to make film training accessible. Welcoming creative and dedicated team players from across the globe, the school offers financially assisted places with all-inclusive course fees, award-winning tutors and access to the very latest equipment, software and facilities.


Since its inception, LFA has nurtured and produced hundreds of world-class filmmakers who have gone on to make their own independent projects and work on some of the biggest UK productions including: ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’, ‘Justice League’, ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald’, ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ and ‘Alien Covenant’ – to name but a few.


The LFA initially contacted Texaport in 2020 needing help with its network requirements. Up to this point the organisation had been increasingly impeded by a poorly performing wireless and cable network as well as slow and sporadic internet access. With the rising use of digital communications across its operations, this was having an adverse impact on promoting collaboration between students, a core aspect of the LFA’s ethos. Students and staff were increasingly being prevented from working together effectively on an overloaded system, where they were unable to print documents, share large files or gain easy online access.


When Texaport came on board, we immediately identified a major issue with the cabling in LFA’s headquarters in Fulham Broadway. It had been installed in a disorganised and piecemeal fashion with some cabling running from outside windows. There was an urgent need to step back and start the whole process from scratch, no small challenge within a busy institution that was in the midst of training the next generation of global filmmaking talent!


Texaport began this process by assisting LFA establish architectural drawings in order to effectively design and plan new cabling infrastructure. Working across the labyrinth of classrooms, production facilities, editing suits and studios within the LFA building, we used Lidar technology to 3D scan all rooms to calculate measurements required to efficiently install the new cabling.


We then began the process of stripping out all of the old cabling and network infrastructure which was sent off to be recycled.


After removing the old we focused on the new, firstly by designing a new cabling layout for the entire building. To accommodate increased digital demands, this included 10 new wireless access points to ensure a robust and reliable connection to the LFA’s system across the entire building.


Texaport then supplied new fibre optic internet with a backup connection to ensure both the staff and students had sufficient internet accessibility, which would not be disrupted in the event of a network failure.


Our approach has modernised the LFA’s operations ensuring it is in a far better place to continue to deliver the highest calibre film training and promote collaboration between its students. We’ve also enhanced its security by installing CCTV to safeguard the building externally and provide internal protection for the Academy’s valuable camera and production equipment.


Texaport is delighted to support this renowned centre of excellence and help it deliver its mission of producing world-class filmmakers. Through the initial support we’ve provided, we now have developed a strong relationship with LFA and are currently working with our client to improve other core aspects of its IT infrastructure and security.


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