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IT Project Work

While Texaport is primarily a Managed IT Service Provider, focusing on ongoing maintenance and support, our team is involved with many large-scale IT projects throughout the year. These projects are managed from inception to completion by our experienced team to ensure that any deadlines and project goals are met.

Clients are kept up to date and informed of Project progress through their individual support portal where they can view all activity on the project at any time, as well as through email where they’ll receive updates as they’re submitted. This allows for clear and transparent communication throughout the project, using communication channels and oversight to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved.

Examples of typical IT projects which we are commissioned to support and perform are:

  • New Building Setup
  • New Office Setup
  • New Business Setup
  • Temporary Venue Setup
  • Email Migration
  • Server Migration
  • Distributed/Campus WIFI Install
  • IT/Technical Audit
  • Access Control implementation
  • Network Equipment Upgrade
  • Security Services Implementation

IT Projects: Setups - Moving Office, New Buildings and Renovations

New Building Setup for Technology and IT

Just as Electricians, Plumbers, and painters are associated with renovations and newly built properties, IT and Data Cabling should be involved as early as possible.

Data Cabling of a new building or renovated space should be performed alongside any decoration or renovation works as it allows Texaport to plan out and implement the most effective cabling routes to support a robust network with minimal disruption and avoiding surface level cabling.

Texaport specialise in Managed Office cabling, routing data cables to plan for segregated and unified spaces in future use case scenarios. These distributed networks provide the resiliency that tenants require, ensuring maximum speed and availability for the users.

New Office Setup for Technology and IT

Through Texaport’s support of existing clients, we have witnessed and supported business  growth, adaptation and office moves when required. Texaport are involved with evaluating potential spaces for connectivity and cabling plans to ensure the best setup for clients, through to implementing entirely new cabling routes should they be required

Data Cabling of a new building or renovated space should be performed alongside any decoration or renovation works as it allows Texaport to plan out and implement the most effective cabling routes to support a robust network with minimal disruption and avoiding surface level cabling.

Venue Setup - Temporary and Permanent

Texaport is located in a creative arts venue which rapidly spins up activity during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival every year. As the key technology provider and support mechanism for the team, Texaport has first-hand experience and understanding of the requirements and functionality of a world class venue in regard to technology and connectivity.

Combined with years of experience supporting additional multi-site venues through the build, run and decommission of their sites, Texaport have a unique perspective on technologically supporting venues.

The specific requirements are different (but not unique) for every venue and site, but the core requisites for this type of IT project are:

  • Fast, Secure, effective Internet Connection
  • Reliable Network Cabling between devices
  • Robust WIFI for internal or public use
  • High Grade Networking equipment
  • Support that works when the venue does

To provide the highest level of service to our supported venue partners, Texaport works closely with external partners, internal teams and client resources to deliver the expected results.

Email Migration

Business email services are numerous to choose from and depending on the changing needs of the organisation, what was suitable in FY1 may not be suitable in FY5.

Our IT project work has included assisting in the setup and migration of numerous email systems and Texaport has experience with dealing with the most popular services.

We work with businesses to identify the pains being experienced with the current system, the needs and wants for the new system and the operational roadblocks which might prevent such a move.

Texaport take the strain for clients, ensuring a smooth, painless and straightforward transition during such a critical move.

Server Migration

Whether moving to the cloud or moving to a new physical server, Texaport can assist with the migration process for clients. Our engineers have experience with historical operating systems and processes as well as knowledge and hands-on experience of the latest server operating systems and services.

Texaport assists clients with consultation prior to the server migration to ensure that the transition is to an appropriate solution for the organisation.

Following consultation Texaport can procure the Server hardware, licenses or services for clients and begin to configure their new device or service.

Data will be migrated safely and securely at a convenient time for clients to ensure minimal disruption to their business.

Technical Auditing

When on boarding a new client, implementing a Cyber Security standard or preparing for a project Texaport will always conduct a technical audit before commencing work. This provides Texaport with an initial or in-depth (depending on the audit) visualisation of the client’s IT estate.

Texaport provides a “Preparation Booklet” to the client which is completed by the Client “Stakeholders” with knowledge and awareness of the assets, systems, processes and procedures involved. This booklet is instrumental in shaping, identifying and building security and policies for Clients. Contained within this booklet is space and guidance for completing the following information and audit steps.

During a standard technical audit Texaport will analyse: External Vulnerabilities and footprint, Internal vulnerabilities and sitemap, file storage systems and locations, users, devices, applications and third party services relied on by the organisation.

This information will be collated into a detailed report of the company’s IT infrastructure which will ensure both parties have an accurate summary of any relevant issues or suggestions for improvement.

Texaport can, in some audits work with third parties in auditing the client, for example with legal, regulatory, policy or process audits.

Trust Texaport to deliver first class IT projects. 

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