Network Hardware

Texaport partners with industry leading hardware manufacturers to provide strong networks for clients

Network Hardware

Your business relies on a strong, reliable business network with devices designed to handle data flow as fast and efficiently as possible. Networks rely on dedicated hardware to function appropriately and effectively when required on top of an appropriately structured data cabling network.

Texaport partners with industry leading hardware manufacturers to provide these strong networks for clients at different levels. Working with Cisco, Meraki and Ubiquiti, Texaport has an option for all budgets, needs and security requirements.

Texaport Cisco

In the world of enterprise computing and networking Cisco stands tall. Cisco has over 70,000 employees world-wide and has always focused on delivering leading network technologies.

Cisco delivers a wide range of solutions to businesses from Switches, Wireless Access Points, Firewalls and Routers through to Video Conferencing and software solutions. As one of the major Enterprise level networking manufacturers, Cisco’s standards are widely adopted by competitors and the industry at large.

Cisco also operates a leading threat protection team, providing terabytes of data about emerging threats and technologies on a daily basis. Cisco’s devices are reinforced and licensed with access to this resource, making them resilient and more secure than competitors.

Texaport Meraki

Initially an independent manufacturer, Meraki were bought by Cisco in 2012 but continue to develop and maintain a separate product range and ethos to the primary Cisco brand.

Meraki devices focus on cloud management. All Meraki network devices report live data and archive data to the customer Meraki Dashboard. From this dashboard statistics, usage data and traffic can be monitored, capped and managed.

Meraki’s cloud management functionality allows Texaport to operate within the client network remotely performing diagnosis and interactions that would normally require on-site engineers.

Meraki devices benefit from access to Cisco’s Advanced Threat Protection service, as well as developing security software internally.

Texaport Ubiquiti Logo

Ubiquiti Networks provide cloud managed network devices similar to Meraki, but without Cisco backing. As such, Ubiquiti devices do not benefit from Cisco’s Advanced Threat Protection service, or software developments.

Ubiquiti devices are dedicated purely to the task which they were designed for.

For clients whose primary concern is having a strong, effective network at minimal cost, Ubiquiti devices are recommended.

Network Hardware Support

Texaport’s network hardware is supported and cloud managed to ensure:

  • Traffic is prioritised according to business need
  • Data is protected
  • Data is transferred efficiently
  • Devices are protected
  • Connections between devices and services are secure and stable
  • Issues are prevented, identified and resolved as quickly and effectively as possible

Network support forms a key element of our Managed Service Agreements with more detail available on request.

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