Data Cabling

Texaport provide structured data cabling design, installation, maintenance and management.

Data Cabling Services in Edinburgh

Texaport provide structured data cabling design, installation, maintenance and management for clients for permanent and temporary networks. Whether offices require CAT5e, CAT6, Fiber Optic or combination cabling, Texaport can provide a robust, reliable business network for all buildings.

Our expert cabling team will design a suitable cable network with optimal port placement and layout according to the business needs. This will reduce the reliance on “daisy chain” cabling which springs up in offices where devices have to be plugged into other devices to connect to the network.

Successful Business IT deployments rely on structured data cabling and successful businesses rely on Texaport to provide this.

High Quality, Consistent Data Cabling

 At Texaport our engineers will always approach their tasks using the PIT method.

Plan. Implement. Test.

While anyone can string a cable from one end of the office to the other, Texaport rely on experienced engineers to plan the cabling routes to be as short as possible with the least potential for disruption.

As part of our data cabling plans we will also identify the requirement for any trunking or redecoration to conceal or contain these runs.

Each cable run deployed by Texaport will be tested prior to and following installation.

Benefits of Structured Data Cabling for Your Business

When they are well-designed and implemented by an expert installer, structured cabling solutions can benefit just about any kind of business in many ways. By designing your network cabling according to your business layout and needs, and having the cabling installation performed by our trained technicians, you can avoid the problems caused in many offices by clunky, “daisy chain” style cabling. That means less confusion when it comes time to move offices, add a device or change devices. It looks better, too, with a more elegant and organized appearance for your data cabling. Our structured cabling team can design a layout for your network infrastructure with ports that are easily accessible, taking into account the availability of electrical outlets. Networks that are well-designed, with shorter routes for data to travel, are less likely to fail. Structured networks are also more likely to perform at top capacity — meaning less downtime and more productivity for your team. Plus, structured cabling can help increase scalability for your network. 

That can be very useful if you have plans to expand into new office space or add more devices. With our emphasis on the PIT method — Plan, Implement, Test — we produce more reliable business networks that make any IT deployment run a lot more smoothly and successfully. Let us design an elegant structured cabling solution for your workplace — one that can change and grow along with your company, and give you maximum uptime and productivity. Contact us today to learn more about our network cabling installation and design services or to schedule a consultation.


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