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Network Support

Make sure your network runs effectively and reliably

Network Support

It’s almost impossible to go through the average day without the involvement of a network in one form or another. From mobile networks and telephone networks to computer networks, all devices have to communicate with these to share information and access the Internet.

Setting up a network is relatively easy today compared to a decade or so ago, with preconfigured routers, switches and access points able to be setup and installed in a matter of minutes. Your home broadband provider will even deliver a new router and access point combination device to plug in at home for next to no cost. Getting the most out of your network and network devices however can take a lot more effort, knowledge and time.

Texaport work with clients to build, support and protect their business networks from cabling through to internet service provision. For some clients this is as simple as a router and Wireless Access Point for the site, for others there might be a multi-site campus with numerous Virtual Local Area Networks to setup and manage for clients. Each network is unique but with common themes.

Extended Network Diagram

Texaport Network Diagram