IT Director As A Service

Plan your IT growth and development with dedicated direction from Texaport

IT Director As A Service

For most SMEs IT falls under the remit of a manager or director whose primary focus is another area of the business. IT regularly falls under the responsibility of Finance Directors whose primary drive is to ensure that IT does not become a “black hole” of funding. For this reason, IT investment is regularly passed over, in favour of revenue generating departments.

Dedicating resource specifically to IT Direction can be hugely beneficial to the business however, as IT then becomes an anticipated cost and time saving mechanism with the right approach. IT measures, tools and policies can also help reinforce or implement key strategic policies for the business. IT security also affects the business as a whole and without Direction, companies may not realise where the most effective return on investment can come from.

Texaport assist clients with IT Director As A Service, where a dedicated Virtual IT Director will liaise at board level to ensure IT is adequately considered, invested in and responsible throughout the business.

Texaport’s IT Director As A Service helps:

  • Define and Execute a clear, effective IT Strategy
  • Budget IT Spend based on the IT Strategy and historical spend
  • Design appropriate infrastructure
  • Ensure quality, secure applications are implemented throughout the business
  • Identify, Design and Implement IT policies throughout the business
  • Project Manage
  • Manage Suppliers
  • Ensure Technology compliance throughout the organisation