Disaster Recovery Planning

Your business has been impacted by an incident affecting your systems, services or users, how do you get back to Business as Usual?

Disaster Recovery Planning

As well as Business Continuity Planning, Texaport assist clients with recovering from disasters. With expert Technical Direction the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) can be reached much faster, resulting in less reduced capacity or downtime for the business.

The average cost of an hour of downtime in a 2014 Gartner reportcomes in at a minimum of £75,000 on average for large companies. For small to medium enterprises (SMEs) the non-financial impact can be much more devastating; costing customers, impacting on services and damaging reputations.

A disaster could be identified as any number of incidents within the business, not just an event physically impacting the site. For example a virus infected email or file could be activated and spread throughout the business in seconds disabling users, locking accounts or bringing network speed to a standstill.

Planning for these events and how to return to business as usual is an important element of every Business Management Plan.Texaport assist clients by advising on the most robust solutions and evaluating suppliers for security, their Time to Recovery and their quality so that clients don’t have to.