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Cloud Firewall

Centrally managed, hosted firewall to manage multiple sites

Cloud Firewall

Firewalls are an accepted piece of jargon in the lexicon of IT, popping up on PCs when you first set them up or when an application requires access to the internet for the first time, most users will ignore or click “OK” to get rid of them. But what is a firewall and why would you host it in the cloud?


  • A firewall can be a physical unit, piece of software or firmware which enforces rules about the data which is allowed to enter or leave a network.
  • Most computer Operating Systems are equipped with a built in software firewall to manage internet traffic coming into and going from the device, this should always be enabled by default.

Cloud Firewall

  • A cloud firewall is a hosted version of the on-premise firewall, allowing multiple sites to benefit from one service. This service is centrally managed and globally enforced to protect all users and sites.
  • As these devices sit “above” the network architecture of each site, all equipment and services on site are protected including switches, access points, VLANs, routers, computers, and users.

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