Cloud Backup

Reduce on-site reliance on your backup solution and build in resilience with off-site “Cloud Backup”

Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup, also known as “off-Site” or “online” backup, is a strategy for minimising on-site risk by backing up data over the internet to a remote location, typically a server or space on the server.

Cloud Backup solutions are more scalable for clients as there is no investment in physical hardware for backup and the solution can increase and decrease in size depending on need.

Texaport’s Cloud Backup solution backs up data nightly from the on-site servers, desktops and laptops in the business over a secure, encrypted, connection to our partner’s UK hosted data centre.

The nature of this backup is highly reliant on the internet connection available at the business. To find out more about Texaport’s connectivity solutions please visit here.

For more information on Cloud Backup please visit our Backup page.