Business Continuity Planning

Plan for the worst, perform at your best and keep running during an incident

Business Continuity Planning

Does your business plan for the worst? What would happen in the event of a serious IT incident? Can your employees work from home? Is your data available elsewhere? Are your services provided with redundancy?

At Texaport, we help clients understand the impact of business outages and incidents ranging from individual users’ absences to site-wide power loss or damage.

The average cost of an hour of downtime in a 2014 Gartner reportcomes in at a minimum of £75,000 on average for large companies. For small to medium enterprises (SMEs) the non-financial impact can be much more devastating; costing customers, impacting on services and damaging reputations.

For this reason:

  • Many of our services are “hybrid” approaches to solution building with physical assets and “cloud” based assets working in tandem to achieve the desired results.
  • Remote working is a strong consideration when implementing new working practices and services.
  • Redundant internet connections are recommended to mitigate loss or failure, always with business SLAs in place.

Many businesses fail to consider IT incidents or impacts in their Business Continuity Planning, assuming that “business as usual” can be achieved without preparation.

As part of our Managed Service Agreements we will sit down with clients to ensure a robust strategy is devised and updated resulting in prepared businesses able to recover from incidents and continue business within minutes, not hours.