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Azure Active Directory

Domain services and Remote Desktop services for clients

Azure Active Directory

Use Azure Active Directory Domain Services to join Azure virtual machines to a domain, without having to deploy domain controllers. Sign in to the virtual machines using their corporate Azure Active Directory credentials and seamlessly access resources. Use Group Policy to more securely administer domain-joined virtual machines – a familiar way to apply and enforce security baselines on all of your Azure virtual machines.

Take advantage of Azure Active Directory Domain Services features like domain join, LDAP, NT LAN Manager (NTLM) and Kerberos authentication, which are widely used in enterprises. Migrate legacy directory-aware applications running on-premises to Azure, without having to worry about identity requirements. Easily deploy line-of-business applications on Linux and Windows Server virtual machines on Azure. You don’t have to deploy domain controllers as Azure virtual machines or use a VPN connection back to your identity infrastructure.

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) helps you manage user identities and create intelligence-driven access policies to secure your resources. As an integral component of Office 365, Azure and Enterprise Mobility + Security, Azure AD centralises identity and access management to enable deep security, productivity and management across devices, data, apps and infrastructure. Azure AD is built to work for apps in the cloud, on mobile or on-premises, and you can layer security features such as conditional access to help protect users and your business.