Web Filtering

Web Filtering protects business users from visiting unverified and potentially malicious websites as well as reinforcing internal policies and restricted websites.

Business Web Filtering

Fake and malicious websites are created every day and are typically referenced as “Zero Day” sites in the tech world. To help protect users and prevent them from reaching these sites Texaport advises the use of an effective web filter in client organisations. This can be achieved by an effective firewall when on-site, but when users are working remotely they will not be behind the safety of the protective barrier in the office.

Texaport’s service helps:

  • Block Ransomware, Malware and phishing sites.
  • Protect users on the go, in and out of the office
  • Prevents malicious website requests
  • Provide real-time and scheduled activity reports when required
  • Enforce Acceptable IT Use Policies in multiple categories
  • Specifically block certain categories of websites as well as individual sites and domains.

Using a web filter helps give users peace of mind that the sites they visit are legitimate and safe to use as well as protecting the rest of the business’ network from infection through a vulnerable device.

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