Cyber Security Awareness Training

Texaport’s Cyber Security approach is as a Holistic Solution to the company’s needs, training ensures users use best practices with technology and communications.

Technical Training

Continuous Personal Development (CPD) and organisation growth is reliant on the training and development of staff. To assist businesses with this Texaport offers training services to clients on several topics relating to IT and technical areas such as cyber security awareness, with content updated and refreshed regularly. Helping clients keep on top of threats and techniques prevents vulnerabilities being introduced to the business through user error or understanding.

Cyber Security User Awareness Training

Working in groups of 10-20 users at a time for the best experience, Texaport offers User Awareness training in Cyber Security to clients to help educate users within client businesses and prevent avoidable incidents. 

Technical controls, tools and software can prevent vulnerabilities being exploited in the IT infrastructure, but users also require a level of awareness due to threats which can be introduced to the system with human intervention.

Texaport’s Cyber Security Awareness training provides a broad overview of threats and techniques and provides users with tips, tricks and knowledge to identify and prevent these.

Data Handling User Awareness Training

With the enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in May 2018 many businesses had to re-evaluate their data handling and data security policies. Ensuring that users are aware of their responsibilities, potential liabilities and agreed upon practices is a challenge which Texaport will work with clients to address through user training.

Preventing data breaches by educating users, helps the business avoid becoming the subject of an ICO investigating and potential fine of €20million.

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