Business Password Manager

Keep your personal passwords private and speed up your team’s access to business services and websites with Password Manager.

Password Management for Businesses

As business continues to flourish in digital space, so do the number of user accounts and passwords required to access everything. With the latest estimate from LastPass for the number of user accounts and passwords managed by the average business user being 191, it’s completely unfeasible to have a unique password for every service. To help manage this, Texaport work with one of our partners to provide a web-based Password Management Application.

As part of our cyber security solutions, Texaport’s Password Management application helps users:

  • Centralise & secure their corporate & personal passwords
  • Set up folders to organise and categorise passwords
  • Manage all employees and data access rights
  • Receive notifications of all passwords known by departing employees
  • Generate strong and unique passwords
  • Login to saved websites with 1 click

The Password Management application prevents post-its with passwords plastered over displays, books of out of date logins and password reset emails from flying around the office and speeding up users.

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