Mobile Device Management

Securely manage and protect your mobile work force and devices with centralised policy and access control

Mobile Device Management

A Mobile Device Management plan is advised because mobile, and portable, devices have been growing in popularity in the workplace.  Employees can check emails on the go and work from home or out of the office. This helps businesses by increasing productivity and, in the event of a work place disaster, improving redundancy and availability contributing to the Business Continuity Plan.

The biggest risk with mobile and portable devices in the workplace is the potential of loss or theft. To mitigate this risk and reduce the impact, Texaport advise implementing Mobile Device Management as a core security practice.

Texaport’s Management platform can:

  • Enforce Restrictions
    • Restrict Application installs
    • Restrict use of the camera
    • Restrict screen grabbing
    • Prevent synchronisation when roaming/abroad
    • Disable voice capture/assistants
    • Disable purchases and in-app purchases
  • Deploy Configurations centrally
    • VPN settings
    • Network settings
    • Security Settings
    • Business Applications
  • Secure Devices
    • Enforce Device and Data encryption
    • Remotely Wipe/Erase devices
    • Restrict Network access

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