Business Anti-Malware

Texaport’s Anti-Malware solution for businesses, protecting from and preventing compromised computer systems.

Business Anti-Malware from Texaport

Malware is a generic term for malicious software designed to damage or negatively impact on a user’s experience, computer, connection, data or finances. Malware encompasses a number of attacks and software packages used against millions of users every day. As such, a robust Cyber Security program should have a strong business anti-malware agent at the heart of it.

Texaport’s anti-malware agents receive thousands of new malware signatures and identifying traits every day from databases managed by professional security teams. As well as spotting known malware, these agents identify malware-like behaviours and actions to quickly prevent the malware from affecting the machine or spreading to other devices.

Every business is unique and the business anti-malware solution employed will have different requirements for each client, so Texaport work with verified suppliers to ensure a wide range of solutions are available. Working with industry leading platforms to secure local businesses in Edinburgh and the Lothians, Texaport will help protect your business IT with appropriate licensing and protection.

Texaport’s glossary of malware can be found here.

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