FTTC Connectivity

FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) Connectivity sourced and managed by Texaport

FTTC Connectivity

FTTC or Fibre to the Cabinet broadband has been offered as “fibre” for the past decade to businesses and consumers as a high-speed connection. FTTC connections involve fibre optic cables running from the telephone exchange to street cabinets when then connect to traditional phone lines to provide broadband services.

FTTC broadband offers a downstream line connection speed of up to 80 meg (80 Mbps) but the actual maximum throughput speed of the service will be slightly lower than this at around 76 Mbps. Upstream speeds are available at up to 20 Mbps on the 80 Mbps connection. 

These speeds are offered as a guide, as proximity to the street cabinet can affect the resulting speed with a noticeable slowdown over the copper phone wiring. Street cabinets can be located 50-1500m from the premises and subscribers will notice a consistent drop in their actual speed the further they are from the cabinet. Unfortunately, even if a building is physically 50-100m away from the cabinet, the cable routing could be such that it extends much further.

FTTC connections are typically “contended” connections, with multiple households or businesses using the same copper wiring to reach the street cabinet, resulting in a reduction in speed. For this reason, Texaport do not recommend FTTC connections as a “business grade” product, as providers do not offer an SLA for support or maintenance of the line, speeds can be unreliable and lines are contended with other users.