GDPR Compliance

Complying with the General Data Protection Regulations is not optional for businesses handling personal data.

GDPR Compliance

Ensuring that companies operate within the standards they have dedicated themselves to can be a challenge with different departments and individuals lacking the clear oversight of the standards and implications of non-compliance. The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are a comprehensive set of rules and regulations governing the handling, storage and use of personal data, as such compliance requires a “holistic approach” and Texaport can assist with technical compliance.

On-going compliance from Texaport ensures that all users and devices remain compliant with the GDPR framework. To assist companies in on-going compliance Texaport install agents on to the machines in use by the business which monitors compliance and reports monthly to the organisation on the progress, non-conformances and liabilities.

GDPR Quick Facts

72 Hours

When a company identifies a breach of any personally identifiable information controlled or processed by them they have 72 hours to inform the ICO and the data subjects affected.

Identifying and Reporting

Does your business have a procedure for verifying the security of your data, particularly Personal Data? Does your business have a documented process to prove your ability to comply?
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Security by Design

The Basic Principle of the GDPR is that the security of Personally Identifiable Information should be considered at the start and/or core of business processes.

Not an Afterthought

The GDPR highlights the need to operate with security as the default state. Forcing non-compliance to be identifiable and outside of normal operating procedures.
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Subject Access Request

Individuals have the right to request access to the information held about them. This must be made available in a "portable" format for them.


Companies have 30 days to provide an individual with a copy of the data held about the requesting person including emails and personnel records. This should be in a format which they can transfer to another party.
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