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Cyber Essentials Compliance

Step One: Accreditation. Step Two: Compliance. Smooth your recertification process with Texaport

Cyber Essentials Compliance

Ensuring that companies operate within the standards they have dedicated themselves to can be a challenge, with different departments and individuals lacking the clear oversight of the standards and implications of non-compliance. Cyber Essentials is primarily a technical control of the IT environment and Texaport can assist in ongoing compliance as well as initial auditing and certification.

On-going compliance from Texaport ensures that all users and devices remain compliant with the Cyber Essentials framework, resulting in smooth and consistent re-certification and ensuring Cyber Liability insurance continues to be valid for the organisation.

To assist companies in on-going compliance Texaport install agents on to the machines in use by the business which monitors compliance and reports monthly to the organisation on the progress, non-conformances and liabilities.