A selection of services offered by Texaport to businesses large and small.

IT Security

Take control of your IT

Texaport takes IT Security seriously. Whether it’s IT Security for your data, security for your premises or our own security, we’re always looking to adapt and improve on what we’re doing.

At Texaport we know that IT Security isn’t a ‘tick box’ exercise. To be taken seriously IT Security and Data Security must be viewed as a journey, not a destination, which requires a multi-layered approach.

Texaport are accredited with Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO27001. We believe that these certificates highlight our commitment to Cyber and IT Security and our drive to secure our clients.

IT Support

Instant and Unlimited

We all need support from time to time. Texaport provide reliable, practical and timely support for your IT. We’ll work to identify, troubleshoot and resolve issues as fast as possible. We’re so confident we can do this we’ve built our SLA to hold us to the mark.

Hybrid Cloud

The best of both worlds

As Cloud Solution Providers, Texaport are able to recommend and deploy solutions for our clients that will maximise their return on investment.

.Clients rely on us for Office 365, Azure, Hosted Servers and Hosted Telephony. 

Our unique aproach to “hybrid cloud” offers the benifits of local resorces seemlessly integrating to the latest cloud technologies.

Managed Networks

The backbone of your network.

At Texaport we build our networks according to the needs of the business. Ensuring maximum uptime and efficiency of devices throughout the network is of paramount importance. We work with each of our clients to create, monitor and maintain robust, effective networks.

Access Control

Automating physical security

We ensure our clients’ IT Security through more than software.

Texaport work with select partners to secure our customers’ premises as well as their digital infrastructure.

Deploying “Best-Of-Breed” solutions and platforms for Security Cameras and Access Control gives our clients peace of mind, knowing that they are secure 24×7.


Distributed Wireless

Connectivity - Anywhere - Everywhere - Always

Texaport configure, deploy and manage complicated Distributed Wireless Networks for many clients. These setups include multiple SSIDs, tenants, and device pairings. We are able to manage these through our centralised management console.

Our detailed analytics and traffic mapping can help our clients identify key areas of the business as well as popular services and devices.

For Campus networks, Texaport with our clients to provide the best option resulting in a reliable network with effective coverage.