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What would you do if your customers stopped paying your invoices? How would your business react if the payments due to you were being paid to a cyber-criminal instead? [...]

Phishing for Gold

With the rise in “Phishing” emails affecting hundreds of businesses a day in the UK, Texaport is working with our clients to implement industry-leading Mail Filtering [...]

What’s in a name? (Or job title)

At the time of writing, the General Data Protection Regulations come into force in a month’s time for the European Union. For those who’ve not already been drowned in misinformation, [...]

GDPR Trend

 The overarching trend of 2017 will carry over into at least the first half of 2018 and that is data protection and privacy. With the General Data Protection Regulations able [...]

Welcome to 2018

Well, we’re almost at the end of January 2018!   It’s the time of year where you’ve seen all the pundits try to make predictions for the changes which we’ll [...]