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How Texaport Is Committing To Green IT In 2021

IT Support Edinburgh

At Texaport, we are deeply committed to providing our clients with the IT support and services they expect.


We also understand that, as a business, we are responsible for reducing our environmental impact and supporting sustainability in the IT sector.


After all, the planet is coming towards a point of no return, and we know that if businesses such as ours don’t act now, we could face a climate crisis in the future.


The technology industry is traditionally very wasteful and reliant on fossil fuels, but that’s changing as companies like ours work towards reducing our energy consumption and environmental impact.


That’s why Texaport has committed to a selection of Green IT initiatives, which will help us to reduce our personal impact on the earth and help the technology market to become more sustainable.


We’re proud to share a selection of the ways that we are working to improve our energy efficiency and still give our clients the same top-quality, expert IT support that they expect.


Partnering With WeOffset


One of our latest green IT initiatives, which we’re incredibly proud of, is our partnership with WeOffset.


This innovative organisation works with companies such as ours to offer our carbon emissions. Every company and individual produces carbon dioxide, which exacerbates the Greenhouse Effect and leads to the unnatural warming of our planet.


Texaport tells WeOffset how much carbon we have used, and the organisation then plants trees to help offset this usage.


Trees breathe in the opposite way to humans: while we breathe in Oxygen and produce Carbon Dioxide, they take in Carbon Dioxide and produce Oxygen.


That means that WeOffset’s trees will offset the Carbon Dioxide that we’re using. It’s not always possible for businesses such as ours to reduce our Carbon footprint, but we can offset the usage by working with this unique scheme.


As well as offsetting our Carbon Dioxide output, the trees that WeOffset plants for us enrich the natural habitat and benefit local flora and fauna.


By working in partnership with WeOffset and helping them to plant more trees, Texaport is improving our sustainability and helping to preserve the earth for future generations.


Recycling Old Hardware


A key reason why the IT sector is incredibly wasteful and unsustainable is that technology is continuously evolving.


As such, equipment such as computer screens, monitors, keyboards and cameras needs to be replaced every few years at the least, if not sooner.


All of this waste hardware often ends up in landfill sites, which pollute the earth and take many hundreds of years to decompose.


Some equipment, such as laptops and mobile phones, contain batteries that can leach harmful chemicals into the earth and the water supply if thrown onto a landfill site.


That’s why Texaport has collaborated with Computers for Charities to recycle our old computing equipment.


The organisation donates computers and other IT equipment to charities so that our old kit is put to good use, rather than languishing in the ground.


That means that Texaport can use cutting-edge computers and other hardware to support our clients while also reducing our impact on the environment.


So, when businesses hire us, they know that they’re getting the very best service and that you’re also helping to give computers to those in need of them.


Signing Up To The Living Wage Scotland Scheme


The Scottish Living Wage Scheme might not sound like a green IT solution, but it is actually a vital part of helping both our community and the environment.


After all, going green is expensive, as sustainable products are price than poor quality, unsustainable solutions.


Also, by investing more money in our team, we’re able to support their mental wellbeing and ensure that they can live safely and happily.


That’s why Texaport has committed to paying the Scottish Living Wage or more to all of our dedicated IT professionals and the administration staff that support them.


Committing To The Scottish Business Pledge


All of these green IT initiatives are helping Texaport on our journey towards becoming a better, fairer business for our staff, clients and community.


While we’ve always been dedicated to helping others where we can, we’ve now taken the Scottish Business Pledge to highlight our commitment to fairness, equality and a generally better world for everyone.


Working together with the Scottish Government, we can use their resources and knowledge to inform our future decisions and ensure that they benefit everyone involved.


Advising Clients On Energy Efficiency In IT


As well as using green IT practices within our organisation, Texaport is also dedicated to helping businesses throughout the UK and the corporate landscape to reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses they produce and improve their overall sustainability.


That’s why we offer a regularly updated blog. On this page, you can read more about our work, the latest green IT projects we’re undertaking and tips on how you can reduce your business’s energy usage while still making the most out of your technology.


Additionally, we are committed to helping all of our clients to reduce their impact on the environment and improve energy efficiency in their organisation.


For example, through our IT consultancy services, we can help your business streamline its technology use and reduce its energy consumption.


We also offer support in transitioning towards remote working so that your staff don’t have to commute and waste valuable fuel reaching your office.


If your organisation wants to embrace remote work and reduce its environmental impact, then you’ll need to consider using Cloud data storage to remove the need for a physical data centre.


With the Cloud, you don’t need a physical space to store your business-critical data. Cloud migration might seem challenging, but with help from Texaport, you can get your business streamlined and working remotely in no time.


Contact Us To Find Out More About Our Green IT Initiatives


If you’re interested in learning more about how Texaport is committing to green IT in 2021 and further into the future, then contact us.


Our team will be happy to discuss how we are aiming to be more environmentally friendly and help our corporate clients to incorporate green IT techniques too.


Whether you want IT support, cybersecurity services, connectivity assistance or Cloud services, we can help you to streamline your business IT operations and make your business more efficient and environmentally friendly.


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