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Highlighting the Need for Vigilance With Updates

A recent update by Microsoft has showcased the importance of running up to date software on all your devices.

This update to the firm’s browser, Edge, allows users to utilise the latest in internet software, which is making the browser a contender for the popular Chrome solution created by Google.

If successful, the new Edge could become a key contender for the most popular browser on the market thanks to its array of new features.

The new solution relies on users updating their software solutions regularly, which is an important part of any IT strategy.

With extensive experience providing IT support to businesses across Edinburgh and beyond, Texaport understands the importance of updating your software whenever a new version is released.

As it comes to light, that nearly half of all adults are choosing not to update software on a regular basis, it’s clear that more education is needed to help businesses and consumers to use their IT equipment effectively.

To help, we’ve put together this article to drive businesses in other markets to understand how crucial it is to keep your software up to date.

Old Software Doesn’t Get The Support That New Solutions Do

Outdated versions of software are often unsupported by their providers, meaning that you won’t get the new features that you’d expect.

You’ll also find that your old software won’t function as well as it used to and that your hardware becomes slow because it’s running an old program.

For example, Microsoft has stopped updating Windows 7, in a bid to encourage users to upgrade to the latest version of its solution, Microsoft 10.

Microsoft 10 includes the latest technologies, such as its new Edge browser. It boasts swift speed, strong performance and best in class compatibility for websites and extensions, as well as built-in privacy and security features.

The new Edge will only run on devices that use Windows 7 and above, which means that you’ll need to update your device if it’s using an older version of Windows.

As Windows 7 is no longer supported, you’ll also be better off upgrading to an even newer version like Microsoft 10, to ensure that you can use the latest version of the browser and make surfing the internet fast and fun for longer.


Software Updates Affect The Other Solutions You Can Use

Browser extensions are one of the hottest software trends of recent years, allowing users to customise their internet browsing experience.

You can block adverts, manage your cookie preferences and much more using the latest browser extensions.

To use these solutions and other software developments, you need to be using the latest version of your software and internet browser.

Microsoft’s new Edge update allows you to use the latest browser extensions and improve your experience.

This wouldn’t be possible if you don’t update your devices, which is just one of the many reasons why updates are essential.


Outdated Software Has Security Flaws

Using outdated software can expose your business to cyber-attacks, which have the potential to devastate your organisation and put your customers’ data at risk.

Often, new updates have the latest cybersecurity features programmed in, but in some cases, solutions are updated to fix flaws found after their release.

For example, Microsoft’s competitor Google has also just released a new update to its Chrome browser, after it was discovered that the solution had a number of security flaws.

This update needs to be installed by users if they want to avoid being targeted by hackers, who will by now be aware of the flaws in

the old version’s defences.

Keeping your business safe from hackers is vital to your business and will also help you to be compliant with legislation such as GDPR.

If your business is using outdated software or is simply unsure of how it can become more secure, then we’ll be happy to talk you through our cybersecurity services.


Updates Can Cause Old Technology To Stop Working

In some cases, not updating your devices could mean that your hardware no longer works, leaving you without a PC, tablet or mobile phone.

For example, if the software your smartphone runs is on an old network that’s no longer operational, then you’ll need to update your software to ensure that your phone can work on a network that you can use.

If you run a business, then updating all of your devices can be a challenge, which is why we offer IT Management services.

Our team of experts will be able to advise, guide and support you and your staff with all your updates and other IT needs in Edinburgh.

Updating your software solutions is an important part of your company’s IT management processes. If your firm needs IT management support, then our team will be happy to help. Get in touch and one of our experts will guide you through our range of services and how they can benefit your organisation.


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