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While Texaport offer initial audits of potential clients and regular audits for existing clients, there are numerous options for individuals and businesses to gauge their defences independently. We have combined some of the least intrusive tools which provide valuable information to enhance the understanding and awareness of businesses and individuals alike.



These should be enabled by default in most modern operating systems and applications, windows users can run system updates from the control panel or system settings panel within the start menu, while Mac users can check the App Store for the latest updates.

As well as up-to-date Operating Systems, browsers and plugins can introduce vulnerabilities due to compromised or ageing software.

Qualys BrowserCheck can analyse your browser and plugins and alert you of outdated or compromised versions.


Securing Internet Connection

Your internet should be filtered through a secure router or a dedicated security appliance as well as the built in software on most computers, tablets and mobiles. To ensure your firewall is secure and all relevant ports have been secured GRC ShieldsUp can probe and analyse your connection.



We write regularly about the vulnerabilities that passwords can introduce to organisations and individual IT estates.

A key point of this is the re-use of passwords across multiple services as one compromised password could open all of your services to a potential attacker.

We use Have I Been Pwned? To highlight this risk to our clients and it can assist in ensuring your potentially compromised passwords are changed as well.

If you want to check the strength and complexity of your passwords, How Secure Is My Password is a great solution.


Security Software

Most businesses and individuals are aware of the importance of security software in the form of anti-virus and anti-malware solutions. To ensure yours is performing appropriately the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organisation has created a safe test for these programs. Please note that the Mac versions of anti-virus and anti-malware may appear to fail and will not prevent downloads, but they will prevent them from “self running” or being opened.


User Awareness

It’s important that user awareness and training is employed as well as technical protective measures. As such BT’s Security Savvy Test and OpenDNS’ Phishing Quiz help to highlight any potential misunderstandings or opportunities to improve understanding.

For companies seeking a more comprehensive test of their security, as well as a detailed audit of the assets and network, Texaport’s initial audit provides potential clients with actionable intelligence about their IT estate. For more information email [email protected]


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