As part of our GDPR Compliance and Cyber Security processes, Texaport produces a report to clarify clients’ posture and position.

Texaport Reports

Texaport ensure clients receive the information they require as effectively as possible. During a project or support enquiry, information will be provided as it becomes available in small chunks. However, for larger projects and implementations such as during GDPR compliance, Texaport condense the information into reports for clients to consolidate and clarify the information in a convenient digest following the scoping and audit phases.


All Texaport reports are prefaced with an explanation as to the rationale or requirement of the report. Typically the report has been curated at the behest of the client or detailing an unprecedented incident.

For GDPR reporting Texaport will highlight the requirements and key points of the act and the extent to which the client has been audited against this.


Presenting the information discovered during the scoping and auditing phases of the GDPR compliance project for clients in a clear, concise manner with additional details being made available on request.

These findings can sometimes be lengthy and complicated to break down, however they will be addressed again in the “Recommendations” section.


Understanding why you are looking into your data protection posture and going through the findings of the scoping and findings section can leave some organisations in a more confident position, aware of their strengths and weaknesses in GDPR compliance.

With other clients, they may require assistance with improving their data protection posture. For this, Texaport provide Recommendations to address any vulnerabilities or improvements which can be made within the clients’ IT estate.


Combining the information of the Findings and Recommendations sections and returning to address the Rationale section, the Summary is a succinct digest and overview of the information presented in the report.

Next steps will be advised at this point.

Post Report

Following the fully detailed report from Texaport, it is advisable that there is a discussion around the findings and recommendations.

Clients will be able to raise concerns and questions about the report as well as decide on the next course of action for both parties.

Typically this is an implementation of some or all of the recommendations of the report.

Our Process