How Our IT Auditing Service Helps

Texaport is a highly accredited Managed Service Provider which delivers a complete portfolio of solutions to support your IT operations. Our expertise combined with the understanding we develop of a clients’ business can deliver significant benefits across your operations. With the help of our Free IT Audit this can help your business in many ways, including:

Reduce overhead costs

With our IT Audit, you will receive a free professional audit to understand your existing setup and any IT issues it may have.

Minimise downtime

Through our 24/7 support offering and cloud services we can minimise potential interruptions to your business.

Increase performance

With our audit we can identify poor network and resolve connectivity issues. This reduces downtime and increases productivity.

Increase Security

Our Cyber Security team will be able to find any weaknesses within your infrastructure and prevent any future cyber attacks.

Free IT Audit

Texaport will review your current IT Infrastructure with information provided and create a continuity plan for potential improvements within your business.


Our team will meet with you to understand your IT needs and where you feel you need improvement.


Once we have an understanding of your IT Infrastructure we plan the audit and test your systems with the best industry practices.


When all issues are identified and audited we will report all our findings to you and suggest possible improvements.