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Committing To The Scottish Business Pledge: What It Means To Our Clients And Business Partners

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Here at Texaport, we are committed to creating a fairer, more sustainable and prosperous Scottish economy. As a leading Information Technology company, we’re committed to offering our clients the essential support they need and more.


Everyone at Texaport believes that this can’t be done without supporting strong ethics in business, and that’s why we’ve decided to commit to the Scottish Business Pledge.


The Scottish Business Pledge is a voluntary commitment undertaken by businesses of all sizes around Scotland, united with the aim of benefiting Scotland and industry. Here are some of the advantages that clients and business partners will see from commitment to this Pledge and why Texaport has taken it.


What Is The Scottish Business Pledge And Why Has Texaport Taken It? 


The Scottish Business Pledge is a voluntary partnership between businesses and government, with the shared goal of making business and industry an equal, productive and sustainable place. There are nine core elements to the Pledge:


  • Making sure that you pay the real Living Wage
  • Not using zero-hour contracts inappropriately
  • Taking Action to address the gender pay gap
  • Reducing Your Environmental impact
  • Investing in a skilled and diverse workforce
  • Improving Workforce engagement
  • Enhancing Innovation
  • Embracing  Internationalisation
  • Supporting your community
  • Making Prompt payment


To pledge, a business needs to prove that it is already meeting the three core elements of the Pledge. These elements are paying the Living Wage, using zero-hour contracts appropriately and taking action to address the gender pay gap. A business then commits to enacting a minimum of five of the additional pledge elements. Texaport aims to take on as many as possible. Here’s an overview of some of the most critical elements of the pledge.


Employee Satisfaction 


It is undoubtedly true that employees are the backbone of any business. At Texaport, we know that we are only as strong as our weakest link, and under the Scottish Business Pledge, we are committed to putting our employees first.


By implementing the real Living Wage, we hope to increase employee satisfaction, which will undoubtedly lead to more significant innovation in the workforce.


Our employees have the right to fair pay, and we are committed to ensuring that their work-life balance is strong.


Job Retention 


Investing in our employees means that we will have greater job retention, meaning that we will be able to continue employing the brightest minds in Scotland. A combination of development, fair pay and equality in the workplace will undoubtedly benefit any business, and Texaport looks forward to making this commitment a reality.


Employees are more likely to commit to companies that show a clear dedication to ethical business, which will reduce the cost of hiring and training in the long run.


Our commitment to reducing zero-hour contracts and using them appropriately where necessary will reduce staff turnover at Texaport and promote a stress-free work environment for our employees.


Increased Productivity 


Our commitment to empowering our employees will have an excellent knock-on effect of increasing productivity. A focus on training and innovation will allow our employees to shine, and the benefits of this will be felt among our clients and business partners alike.


Keeping our workforce engaged and showing our commitment to them will increase satisfaction and loyalty among our employees. We have signed this Pledge to show our people that we are invested in working with and for them.


Stronger Community 


Supporting the local community is one of the cornerstones of our business ethos. We are keen to grow and develop Scotland to become economically strong and sustainable. By supporting local businesses, supply chains and talent, we will benefit all sectors of the country.


A strong and beneficial presence within the community will improve our company and brand reputation, further attracting the brightest minds and clients. A business’s reputation can be a fragile thing, and we are committed to going above and beyond to show that we are a business worth working with and for.


Business Growth 


By committing to the Scottish Business Pledge, we are hoping to grow our business further. The element of internationalisation is one that we at Texaport already have in place. We provide our services across the UK and globally and are committed to continuing this practice.


We believe that there is much to be learned from international collaboration that will benefit our business and Scotland.


Equality And Fairness 


A commitment to equality and fairness is crucial in 2021. Our commitment to gender equality will enable us to seek out and hire the best and brightest minds. We hope to make our business a place that fosters diversity to everyone’s advantage. A strong gender balance will create more significant innovation in the workplace and improve our performance at every level.


We believe that diversity is the only way to truly find the best talent for roles within our business. We are committed to pursuing this goal for years to come.




Sustainability has been a critical element of our company values for some time now. We are committed to ensuring that our business practices have a minimal impact on the environment and offsetting our emissions where we can. While the technology sector has long been viewed as wasteful and reliant on finite resources, we are committed to changing our practices to improve sustainability.


Managing our business sustainably will allow us to continue operating with greater efficiency for years to come. The environment is everyone’s concern, and we are committed to doing our part to reduce our business’s carbon footprint. The demands of eco-conscious customers are more significant than ever in 2021, and we are committed to meeting and exceeding customer expectations.


Improved Business Relations 


We are committed to ensuring that our business relations benefit from our commitment to the Pledge. By committing to providing prompt payment to our suppliers and other business partners, we hope to improve on our already mutually beneficial partnerships. Focusing on our relationships with business partners will strengthen our supply chain’s efficiency, benefiting our employees, clients, and partners alike.


We also hope that our renewed focus on our good working relationships with our business partners will give us a more significant competitive edge within our industry. Improving our competitive advantage will, in turn, help to drive competition in Scotland, ultimately having a positive impact on the economy as a whole.


Client Experience 


All of our commitments to the Pledge are done with our clients in mind. We believe that the best way to ensure an excellent client experience is by improving the way our business operates from employees to the board room.


Ensuring that our staff are happy and dedicated to their work will undoubtedly have an incredible impact on our clients’ level of service. A supply chain that is smooth and bump-free will further increase client satisfaction.


Final Thoughts From Texaport


The Scottish Business Pledge is an innovative commitment that Texaport is proud to make. We believe that by signing up for the Pledge, we will empower our staff and our business to be the best they can be. By committing to the success not only of our own business but that of Scotland as a whole, the team here at Texaport hope that our practices will have a lasting and positive impact. We are pleased to be able to work with other businesses that share our ethos and values.


Our people have long been the beating heart of our business. Signing up to the Pledge has put into writing a commitment that Texaport has long held to empower our employees to live and work in an ideal way.


Ultimately, at Texaport believe that our clients and business partners will see the positive impact of our commitment to this Pledge in a multitude of ways. Increased productivity, equality and sustainability will have an ongoing and excellent impact on our business practices.


At Texaport, we understand the importance of these advancements, and we work with our clients to put a reliable system in place to improve their business efficiency. Our team has a wide range of IT knowledge and remains acquainted with the movements in the IT industry. Find out more here


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