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Challenges Businesses Face When Migrating to Cloud

Texaport cloud migration

Cloud migration can bring many benefits to a business showing a new level of life to unoptimized systems. Transferring all existing data to the cloud can increase efficiency in operations and management, although this may be the case many challenges will be faced when fully migrating. Due to this, many businesses may find it challenging at first, but the benefits received make it worth the time and effort needed. By knowing what challenges will potentially arise this can make the process easier reducing any chances of mistakes. Here at Texaport we have made a list of challenges in cloud migration and how to avoid them:


Financial costs


Financial concern will arise for any business considering taking on this venture. There will not only be immediate costs involved when transferring all data to the cloud but also with the slow adoption that may come from cloud migration. This may then lead to additional costs of maintenance and training needed for employees. The main costs involved are:


  • High Bandwidth Prices
  • Performance issues leading to reduced workflow with less output
  • IT consultancy for new adopters of the system through IT Training


Outsourcing your IT Support can significantly lower your operating costs, by outsourcing there’s no need to have an in-house IT team working for the business, significantly lowering the costs for a specific project such as cloud migration rather than paying for a salary. By not only utilizing the advantages of outsourcing IT Support vs in-house lowering financial costs can be done by focusing on understanding what type of Cloud Migration is best for your business. Depending on what are your business needs, full cloud migration may not be the best option available. If your business doesn’t have usage spikes and consistent application usage this means that you are less prone to issues, by choosing the right applications which are prone to usage spikes hybrid cloud migration may be the best fit for your business, reducing overall financial costs.


Adoption resistance


When it comes to migrating to the cloud in most cases it is human error which causes the most problems as there are learning curves to new systems, processes, and leadership. This model can be followed in many other aspects of our day-to-day lives as it is these errors which cause the biggest issues in modern day applications.


To combat this and make the process as smooth as possible it is recommended that businesses which are migrating to cloud invest in IT Consultancy, by investing in expert training and outsourced help this can train the business from within and avoid any future issues caused. By making your users understand these new systems through IT Consultancy this will build a culture for continuous learning, align what employees have learnt with the businesses goals, make training relevant to each of the employee’s role and allow your business to be ready for any future changes that the cloud might bring.


Data security


In many cases when it comes to cloud migration you are putting all your trust into the cloud provider, public providers do take responsibility for their cloud’s security, but they are not fully responsible for your personal applications and servers. Security in the cloud is the customer’s responsibility through their data protection, identity, and access management. Therefore it is very important that the employees are well informed on how to navigate through cloud computing and migrating their data to the cloud as there are many security concerns which may arise. Due to this, it is always important to contact IT support if there are any questions.


By using Texaport for your Cloud Services this increases your ease of use through training and guarantee that your data is seamlessly transferred through to the cloud with the highest security possible by creating a strategy tailored specifically to your business needs.


Vendor Lock-In


To simply put it, when migrating to cloud, once a platform is chosen it may purposely be hard to move between platforms once you are in. This can be very stressful at times so choosing the right platform from the get go by planning can greatly reduce future hassle.




If the implementation of cloud services and the process of cloud migration isn’t done properly there may be times in where your system goes down due to a lack of infrastructure through your systems optimization. One of the main issues involved with this is system downtime, if your business has internet issues this can cause huge problems whilst accessing the cloud constantly using their servers. To avoid this it is recommended to pre plan your internets infrastructure, so it is ready for the heavy internet usage ahead. If a business is not ready this will cause constant downtime leading to reduced workflow.


As it can be seen, there are many challenges which a business may face when fully migrating to cloud. To prevent this a business can implement strategies along the way and plan before the process is implemented to make it as streamline as possible. Using Texaport’s Cloud Migration service and IT Consultancy your business can properly prepare for a seamless migration improving your business strategies from within whilst receiving IT Support for any issues that may occur.


At Texaport, we understand the importance of these advancements, and we work with our clients to put a reliable system in place to improve their business efficiency. Our team has a wide range of IT knowledge and remains acquainted with the movements in the IT industry. Find out more here.


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