How IT Support Can Save Your Team Time

IT Support

IT is an aspect of business that many business leaders or owners ignore until it’s too late and mistakes occur. Especially start-up or smaller companies may think they are too small for IT support. However, this is entirely false, and many companies, regardless of their size, can benefit from outsourced IT support and the benefits […]

How An IT Support Company Can Help You With IT Procurement

IT Support

Most businesses today have an online presence, and they rely on technology in order to keep their business running properly. To put it simply, IT plays a vital role for a lot of businesses. A business is expected to invest in various IT products; however, without the proper guidance and know-how, you might find that […]

How To Make Attaining Cyber Essentials Certification Easier For Your Business

cyber essentials

  Robust cyber security for your business is crucial. Cyber Essentials is a government-backed certification program that gives you excellent protection from cyber attacks. It can help improve your business’s reputation and reassure customers that you take cyber security seriously. Cyber Essentials is a self-assessed certification, so it is important to get it right. Having […]

Installing Data Cabling In Your Office: Why You Should Never Do It Yourself

IT Support Technician

Structured data cabling installation is a complex process. Without the correct guidance from an experienced professional – like Texaport, you could be putting your business and employees at risk. If you are thinking about installing structured cabling in your office, you should always consider enlisting the help of a professional. This blog is here to […]

How Cyber Essentials Certification Can Help You Attract Clients

Cyber Essentials Edinburgh

In today’s economy, it is vital to set yourself apart from your competitors if you want to attract customers to your doors. Data breaches and hacking can create a big headache for businesses that aren’t protected, so it is crucial that you stay on top of cyber security. Taking Cyber Essentials certification can be an […]

How To Simplify Your IT With Structured Data Cabling

  An IT system is the backbone of any business. Not only does it help your employees connect with one another, but it also helps your daily business operations to run smoothly. As technology evolves, more electronic devices are being introduced in workplaces each day. As a result, this growing demand is becoming harder to […]

How Data Cabling Can Help You Future-Proof Your Business

How Data Cabling Can Help You Future-Proof Your Business With many brand-new businesses hitting the market each day, it is vital that business leaders take the necessary steps to future-proof their business. But how can this be achieved? Data cabling is a method that can help. It involves connecting multiple devices such as printers, CCTV […]

Got Your Cyber Essentials Certificate? What To Do Next

Cyber Essentials Edinburgh

A Cyber Essentials certificate is a great way to prove to potential customers that your business puts their security first. Getting the help of an expert IT support company like Texaport can make all the difference in ensuring you get your certification on the first try. After you’ve got your certificate, it is crucial to […]

Data Cabling For Events Managers: What You Need To Know

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Planning an event takes a lot of organisation and hard work. Not only do you need to pull off a great event, but you also need to consider the safety of those who are attending. This is where data cabling can help. This blog will discuss why all event managers need to prioritise data cabling. […]

What Should Be On Your Enterprise Technology Plan

Enterprise Technology

Enterprise technology is software and tools that can be used to streamline your business’s processes and improve workflows.   When implemented correctly, enterprise technology can save you time, effort and, importantly, money. However, if your enterprise technology is not chosen well and you don’t give your staff the tools they need to use it effectively, […]