Highlighting the Need for Vigilance With Updates

New Microsoft Edge Based On Chromium Update Highlights The Importance Of Updating Your Software Regularly A recent update by Microsoft has showcased the importance of running up to date software on all your devices. This update to the firm’s browser, Edge, allows users to utilise the latest in internet software, which is making the browser a contender […]

Windows 7 End of Life

Microsoft Office 365 Support

All good things must eventually come to an end and operating systems are no different. Once they reach the end of their lifespan, outdated operating systems will continue to work but will no longer be officially supported. When an operating system reaches the end of its life, that means that Microsoft will no longer provide […]

Health Check

Free IT Audit Health Check

While Texaport offer initial audits of potential clients and regular audits for existing clients, there are numerous options for individuals and businesses to gauge their defences independently. We have combined some of the least intrusive tools which provide valuable information to enhance the understanding and awareness of businesses and individuals alike. Updates These should be […]

In-House or Out-Sourced IT Support

IT Support

An important consideration for all companies as they grow or develop their business and workforce is that of IT support. As systems, users, and business needs change and develop, the relationship with IT deepens. For many small companies, the first option is to hire an IT Support engineer with the hope of growing the team […]


IT Support Password Management

The importance of keeping password safe What would you do if your customers stopped paying your invoices? How would your business react if the payments due to you were being paid to a cyber-criminal instead? The situation would be less than ideal to put it lightly. The importance of password protection and management is growing […]