IT Support Is Trending In 2020: Texaport Explores The Reasons Why

IT Support is Trending in 2020 Texaport Explores The Reasons Why Over the past year, the corporate market has evolved beyond recognition. One significant change is that companies are seeking IT support companies to collaborate with them. As Google Trends shows, IT support is now a trending keyword, as businesses seek outsourced IT support providers […]

How IT Support Can Save Your Business Money

As businesses are looking closely at their financial situation right now, many things can be considered unnecessary and luxuries that you might consider sacrificing. Many areas can be adjusted to cost the business less overall. We don’t always know if the efforts will pay off straight away, but we do know that putting the effort […]

What Is IT Support And Why Does Your Business Need It?

IT Support

The business landscape is full of jargon. Whether it’s acronyms for common phrases or slang terms for words, it sometimes feels like there’s new terminology every five minutes. One common phrase is IT support, but many company owners still don’t fully understand what it entails. As a leading IT support company, Texaport is committed to […]

What Is A CRM And Why Does Your Business Need One?

IT Support Business Texaport London

The business market is a competitive space, where companies compete for customers and work hard to meet their ever-rising expectations. Any experienced business leader knows that the best way to grow your organisation is to build strong customer relationships so that you can earn regular orders. Building these relationships and providing the customer service that […]

How To Stay Up To Date With Your Cyber Essentials Accreditation

Cybersecurity is a vital part of every business. In the digital age, where every company needs multiple computers and electronic devices to operate effectively, keeping your data and infrastructure secure has never been more crucial. One of the best ways to ensure that your company has quality cybersecurity processes in place and that it complies […]

Texaport helps financial experts capitalise on new Edinburgh location

Financial Services IT Support

When Forth Capital, a leading financial planning and pensions advisory company, wanted to expand its global operations with a new UK office, it turned to Texaport for help. Forth Capital was founded in 2004 to provide intelligent investment advice to help expatriates across the world become financially independent. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland and with specialist […]

Texaport helps Underbelly spread festival cheer

Events IT Support

In support of its client Underbelly, Texaport is helping ensure that some of the world’s biggest festivals and events are being successfully delivered in Scotland and throughout the world. Edinburgh is the world’s leading festival city with amazing events and festivals taking place all year. These are an important part of the city’s culture and […]

Highlighting the Need for Vigilance With Updates

New Microsoft Edge Based On Chromium Update Highlights The Importance Of Updating Your Software Regularly A recent update by Microsoft has showcased the importance of running up to date software on all your devices. This update to the firm’s browser, Edge, allows users to utilise the latest in internet software, which is making the browser a contender […]

The Importance Of Cybersecurity, The MGM Hack

Cybersecurity is a vital part of any IT management strategy. It keeps your data safe and ensures that hackers can’t get into your systems and compromise them. This is common knowledge, so you’d probably think that major companies would have a great cybersecurity strategy. You’d be wrong. MGM Resorts International, one of the world’s largest […]

Office 365 Vs GSuite

Office 365 Vs G Suite

Whether you are an individual trader or the owner of a small business, both Microsoft’s Office 365 and Google’s GSuite provide you with access to the essential office software that you need for your business. For many years, Microsoft was virtually unchallenged in this space, but now it faces competition from several directions. GSuite is […]