What Does the Future of Digital Transformation hold?

Future of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is very important and necessary in the business world today. Many organisations are looking to adopt new technologies and processes to improve their operations and better meet the needs of their customers. But what does the future hold for digital transformation?   In this blog post, we’ll explore some potential trends that could […]

What is Cloud Consulting?

When it comes to technology, there’s a consultancy service for virtually everything. And so it is with the cloud. But what is cloud consulting, and why does it matter?   Guidance Through the Confusion   One of the major benefits of the cloud is its flexibility. You can use as many or few resources as […]

Challenges Businesses Face When Migrating to Cloud

Texaport cloud migration

Cloud migration can bring many benefits to a business showing a new level of life to unoptimized systems. Transferring all existing data to the cloud can increase efficiency in operations and management, although this may be the case many challenges will be faced when fully migrating. Due to this, many businesses may find it challenging […]

Google Workspace vs Microsoft 365: Which is Better?

Google Workspace

Google Workspace vs Microsoft 365: Which is Better?    Many of us have a Google account, whether it is for personal communication, work, school, or any other purpose. It is hard to imagine life without using Google’s many different apps that make our lives easier – Gmail, Drive, Search, Calendar, Contacts, Keep, Maps, and others. […]

Adopting The Hybrid Cloud Model

Cloud Server Support Texaport

Finding the time to keep on top of your data and reduce the risks of it being lost to damage or negligence is a constant concern for businesses today. The loss of data is not a new problem for businesses and their IT support teams, however.   The contemporary world may have a very specific […]

Why The Cloud Is A Cost-Effective Alternative To A Physical Server

Cloud Server Support Texaport

Servers are the unsung heroes of the small business. Without them, all that data you’ve been building up since you started your venture wouldn’t exist. That’s hardly ideal, especially as we live in the digital age.   There’s a lot more to understand about these storage centres than merely owning one, though. If you want […]

Your complete guide to cloud data backup

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How does your business store its most valuable asset? Data is the lifeblood of all modern companies. Yet 39% of SMBs have no disaster recovery plan in place if it gets destroyed or stolen. Traditional on-site methods of backing-up data have vulnerabilities like physical damage or theft. Furthermore, suffering data loss due to a cyber or ransomware […]

Office 365 Vs GSuite

Office 365 Vs G Suite

Whether you are an individual trader or the owner of a small business, both Microsoft’s Office 365 and Google’s GSuite provide you with access to the essential office software that you need for your business. For many years, Microsoft was virtually unchallenged in this space, but now it faces competition from several directions. GSuite is […]