Access Control

At Texaport we help businesses implement secure access control systems for employees and visitors.

Access Control Implementation

When considering building security and physical security for your business, there are myriad options for controlling access. At Texaport we help businesses implement secure access control systems for employees and visitors.

Key fob access systems have been growing in popularity for the past few years as they provide granular access to buildings, elevators, offices and rooms on an individual basis ensuring that only the essential access is granted to employees and visitors.

Employees and visitors gain access by tapping their key fob on a panel which can be embedded into the door handle or sited close to the door where appropriate. Sensors can be placed beside the door for leaving the premises to ensure guests who have been escorted can leave easily.

Texaport will work with your business to ensure an appropriate project plan is agreed for implementation and everything is managed through our customer facing project management tool.


Texaport work with a number of qualified suppliers who meet stringent requirements in term of quality, timescales, security and numerous additional factors to provide a reliable service to clients.

Whether seeking to purchase additional key fobs or entire Access Control systems, Texaport can assist with purchasing and procurement for clients.

Access Control Support and Management

Managed Offices and share office spaces are relying more on automated Access Control systems where users require key fobs to gain entry to specific areas and facilities. Supporting these implementations can be troublesome for non-technical users and so Texaport provides support to assist and reduce time lost on resolving these issues.

Should the system require servicing or troubleshooting, Texaport are ideally placed with years of experience with high-grade systems and partners to identify, troubleshoot, resolve and service this equipment

Managing the permissions and access rights of individuals can be time consuming and complex for businesses where key fobs are transferred, re-purposed or requiring cancellation.

Texaport assist several large campus deployments and Managed Office scenarios in the management, procurement and support of the Access Control system to ensure that users have a smooth, consistent and secure experience.

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