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10 Benefits of Office 365 for Small Businesses

Office 365

Office 365 (Previously known as Microsoft 365) can bring a great number of benefits to a business, especially if you and your business are ready for growth. By using Office 365, you will be providing access to a great number of resources to you and your employees which were previously not available. Office 365 is a complete service which makes it easy to store data safely, present data efficiently, organise business tasks, optimise business meeting services and much more. The benefits provided by these services they can help your business if used correctly; here is a list of benefits your business will gain by integrating Office 365 into your day-to-day tasks.


1. Secure Cloud Storage with Remote Access (One Drive)


Office 365 will gain you access to One Drive, an optimised and safe app to store and access all your data on the cloud. This allows you and your employees to access data anytime-anywhere with ease. Implementing this simple software will immensely increase efficiency through an easy-to-use platform providing a great number of useful tools.


OneDrive comes included with Office 365; the addition of this tool allows you to safely store 1TB of data with increased storage options depending on your business needs. This can be very helpful when collaborating with new clients in big projects where high amounts of safe storage space is needed.


2. Predictable Spend (Company-Wide Licensing)


As Office 365 is a license-based system, you will be able to monitor spending easily under a one-pay service. By paying one price monthly or annually, your business will gain access to many products such as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and much more. Instead of purchasing all the software licensing, this new monthly/annual system provides flexibility to your business needs having a single license fee covering all software solutions.


3. Mobile Accessibility


Office 365 is also available on all your mobile devices. Included in the licensing fee, Microsoft offers optimised mobile apps to access files and data. This means that users can work on any company-related task even if they are put in a position where they cannot access their computer. Each office user can connect up to five mobile devices at a time, with different options available if needed.


4. Automatic Upgrades


As every essential office app is available online without the need for software installation, this means that upgrades can and are performed automatically online. Therefore, you and your business will not have to worry if you have the new version of Office 365, as updates are regularly done automatically.


5. Market-leading Software (Microsoft Word and PowerPoint) 


It is highly likely that your business will need the use of Microsoft Word as it is the current leading word processing platform. Word is the most known and currently used word-processing platform in the world. Bringing this powerful tool into your business can allow you to easily create and collaborate on documents without having to create new versions every time your team needs to make changes. Word is optimised with one drive allowing your work colleagues to access files and edit them if you choose to via the cloud.


Apart from Word, PowerPoint is also included; PowerPoint is a presentation software that has come a long way since the old days in which it was created. From simple presentation creations, the software can also create high-quality professional business presentations with the many features that it holds.


6. Microsoft Teams Meetings 


Office 365 offers the strong meetings service Microsoft Teams. This app can be very useful for remote collaboration between you, your employees, and potential clients, allowing you to have remote meetings with ease.


As remote working has become increasingly popular these past couple of years, Microsoft teams is now a strong tool to have as this trend does not seem to be changing any time soon. As of 2022 Microsoft Teams has a total of 270 million daily active users.


Microsoft Teams has shown to be useful for video meetings but is also now being used for conference calls allowing your clients to easily contact you and your employees with the user-friendly experience that teams provides.


7. Company Email (Outlook)


Microsoft Outlook is one of the world’s most-used email clients through its versatility and ease of use. Outlook can be paired with Microsoft Exchange, which is a mail server and calendar, allowing you to keep your business tasks and meetings organised in one accessible space. As Outlook is a business-focused email platform, sensitive data is taken seriously with Microsoft placing tools such as Microsoft Defender, allowing you to send your data through the cloud safely.


As Outlook is integrated with Office 365, this allows you to create a personal business email with your business name domain, so whoever receives your email, they will know what business you represent. Other email perks include a 50GB mailbox, cloud-based management and more.


8. Cyber Security (Microsoft Defender for Business)


Office 365 also contains Microsoft Defender for Business, providing multiple security measures. Defender ensures that you have the highest quality of Cyber Security when accessing office apps and the internet. This security involves protection against:


  • Viruses
  • Malware
  • Email Phishing Scams
  • Email Spam


9. Excel for Financial Management


Implementing Excel into your business can drastically help with the organisation of finances. This tool allows you to plan out any financial needs that you may have. With this app’s strong tools, you can create organised and managed spreadsheets by clearly displaying important information for your clients.


10. Build Your Own Company Intranet


In many cases having your own intranet can provide a layer of safety when storing business data. An intranet is a computer network for sharing information, easier communication, collaboration tools, operational systems, and other computing services within an organisation.


This can all be done with the help of Microsoft SharePoint. Using SharePoint allows your business to create an intranet helping you and your employees to create websites to share and work internally within the business’s internet.


Round Up


As can be seen, there are numerous advantages when integrating Office 365 into your business. Not only providing the tools that your employees need to thrive, but this will also give you a chance for your business to grow. With Office 365 and the right Microsoft partner such as Texaport you can integrate these useful tools into your business with ease, equipping you with the tools that you need.


At Texaport, we understand the importance of these advancements, and we work with our clients to put a reliable system in place to improve their business efficiency. Our team has a wide range of IT knowledge and remains acquainted with the movements in the IT industry. Find out more here.


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